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Nike Air Relentless 6 Msl Color : Black ประเภท : รองเท้าวิ่ง 💾 Code : 843881-001 💾 🏁 Made in Indonesia 🏁 size 6 US/ 5.5 UK/ 38.5 EUR/ 24 CM 8 US/ 7 UK/ 41 EUR/ 26 CM ราคา 2,390 บาท (ราคาปกติ 2,700 บาท) 🚚 สินค้าพร้อมส่ง 🚚 👟 วิธีการสั่งซื้อ 👟 1.ติดต่อทาง Inbox : 2. Line : @11miles 3. IG : #nikethailand
Steph was ready to give a standard postgame interview but he had to acknowledge the beatdown first.
Real Quick
Cinnamon sugar churro baked donuts with Nutella sauce. 🍫🍫 (📸 @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie) #LOVEFOOD
Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz When I get out of the big cities here I often feel like the first foreigner in China, as everyone wants to have their picture taken with the long nose. This group of Mongolian singers were no different, and made me feel like Brad Pitt …for about 5 seconds. #onassignment in the Kubuqi Desert of Inner Mongolia. For a glimpse of their unique desert ecosystem go to @geosteinmetz
Dale Jr. is retiring from Nascar following the 2017 season.
I originally heard about Kyrgyzstan from my friends @uncornered_market. Like many other countries, it was once a part of the Soviet Union. During this visit with @tcsworldtravel what I've found, not unlike in Lithuania, is a country burst forth from the confines of the past to embrace all the possibilities of the future. However in deference to the lessons that the past has to teach us, and different from how other former-SU countries operate, you'll find all the evidence of the past still on display. [At least] in Bishkek, where we concentrated our time during our two nights in country. Statues of Lenin are found close to statues honoring current leaders. Surrounded by tulip beds and crowned with sunshine there's a surrealistic air that begged questioning. In answer, our guide explained that this is because they believe erasing the past, however terrible it was, will not help them be the type of people who welcome & embrace all human beings. And, he proceeded to explain, this is how they want to be. Like a big house open to everyone. This seems a tall order given, as he went on to explain, there are 40 distinct tribes of people here and 80 different ethnic groups. If there's a secret to living in harmony no matter our differences, it seems like the people I've met along this journey so far have certainly discovered what it is. Perhaps it doesn't hurt that while in the city, the snow-capped mountains are always visible and seem to impart a sense of wonder. Maybe it is the patterns which cover clothing and buildings alike, all taken from elements of nature or relating to the relationship between man and nature. This country may not be perfect, no one country is, but it is a place that struck me as being free of malice and full of hope. A rare combination these days. #TCSmoments
@theloopchurros Lil Loops are so cutes ➰ A sampler comes with 6 of their most popular churros in mini form 😍 They're available Mon-Thu. Get it ✌️ #dailyfoodfeed 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @theloopchurros 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
The adidas NMD City Sock "Gum Pack" releases again this week. For more details on this Spring drop, tap the link in our bio.
Tomorrow my show is cooking with Diesel.
#ChefCurry 💦 Warriors beat Blazers 128-103 to complete 4-0 sweep
@Ava/@DirectHER directs us at our #PrattPresents q&a series on creativity.
Photograph by @paulnicklen taken while on assignment for @natgeo // A fur seal stretches and rolls around at the base of blue whale vertebrae at an old whaling station on the Antarctic peninsula. Between 1910 and 1930 in this small area alone, over 61,336 blue whales were killed. If you add in Right, Fin, Sei, Humpback and Sperm whales, the catch added up to 118,159 in that period. Seals were also wiped out. Except for humpback and minke whales, the great whales in this area remain a tiny a fraction of what they once were. Fur seals, however, have shown great signs of recovery. #followme on @paulnicklen to see more from this changing land and seascape. #nature #whales #humanimpact #seal #ecosystemrecovery
this kid is going places
Keep your friends close and your enemies away from restaurants where they can't decide what to order 🙄 #spoonfeed
Whose grandpop is this?
Double Spin ends in a TD 🏈🔥 (@playclocks)