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Will someone please finally explain this to me before I hurt myself! Does the answer involving laying down, because if it doesn't I did something wrong? (My very highbrow use of the new slideshow feature?'!). (In reviewing some of the early replies let me tell you.... Scott Don't Squat )
Chicken & waffles from Palm Springs🌴 Credit: @ourlifeinfood #newforkcity
Video by @christian_foto (Christian Rodriguez ) Video at the Texolo waterfall park located in the Municipality of Xico, in Veracruz, Mexico. The main waterfall has an approximate height of 78.7 feet. There is a bridge over the ravine that connects both parts of the forest. On the other side, there are two smaller waterfalls that can be seen from some of the trails in the area. The waterfalls and their surroundings have been used to film several films. Video by @christian_foto / @prime_collective #waterfall #xico #veracurz #mexico
Some Nutella filled pancakes to put you in a batter mood😜 TAG YOUR BEST FRIENDS⬇️ Follow @hangrytwins Follow hungrytwins on snapchat👻 SOUND ON🎤 @delish
This is a bit of a switch up because I have an exciting announcement! Gold Coast Tourism have recently rebranded and their new Instagram is @DestinationGoldCoast ! They're also running a massive photography competition for the next six weeks starting today! Each week I will be announcing that weeks theme and all you have to do to enter is upload a photo for the theme and use #WeAreGoldCoast , preferably in your caption. This week is week one and the theme is: Local Characters – who are the locals that make the Gold Coast the place it is today? What is their story? What makes them unique? Why do you consider them to be a local character? We want to see weather beaten to wide-eyed or just plain wild – who makes up this wonderful community tapestry? I have chosen to shoot my Dreamboat because I love the cultural diversity on the Gold Coast and my Zimbabwean community makes the Gold Coast very unique. Good luck and I can't wait to see your pics!
Mohatta Palace in Karachi Pakistan By @shehzarsart _ #arts_help
"Bohemian Black Tie", was the official dress code for Urbannation Berlin dinner. Thank you Buff Monster for the perfect skirt. @urbannation @buffmonster #berlin
There is is so much love, today and every day, for all of our trans siblings. There are so many people who will fight to see you protected. Our administration's latest efforts do not reflect the love and support that is so powerful, and are yet another prehistoric attempt to scare people out of truth and beauty. Unfortunately, the consequences could be dire and nobody can say it better than my angel Miss Mock. Please go to @janetmock and read the story of this picture and this beautiful human.
I have so much respect for this person
Need u now🐠 c/o @philly_sushi
Winter stroll in Belgium's High Fens. More travel inspiration on @beautifuldestinations
Last meal in #NYC before I head to Italy is of course at @cafemogadornyc - #hummus #greeksalad #heaven #love #eastvillage #nyceats #lovefood #foodiemagician #stilleating
In honor of Big Cat Week, National Geographic caught up with six photographers to ask them about their most memorable experiences in the wild, here Clint Mecham sits on the forest floor with a sedated mountain lion in the Monroe Mountains, Utah, in 2016. Photograph by David Chancellor @chancellordavid for @natgeo Over 30 years, Clint Mecham, a predator specialist from the State of Utah Department of Natural Resources, has collared more than 400 mountain lion, monitoring the health and population of the species. This is No. 53, a veteran of the group, who’s played a major role in the study for more than 14 years. Now that the study is coming to a close, the female lion will be released without a collar for the first time in her adult life. It’s also the last time Clint will see this lion alive. Shortly after its release, Mecham was notified by conservation officers [that No. 53 had been killed as a trophy]. What I found interesting about this particular lion and this particular gentleman was the extraordinary history that they shared. For the entire 14 years she’s been in continual combat with Clint. Each time a collar has needed changing, it’s fallen to Clint to undertake the task, and the lion has made her feelings known with tooth and claw. This time was somewhat different. The lion was calm and almost accepting of Clint; it’s as if she knew her time was up and the collar would not be refitted. Clint also knew all too well that the collar perhaps offered her a small amount of safety. There was a bond here, an understanding between two warriors…now was the time to say goodbye. Find all six of these extraordinary stories here: huge thanks to Jessie Wender @jmwender @natgeo for putting this together so powerfully. #mountainlion #utah #usa @natgeo #bigcatweek #bigcats #cougar #conserving #conservation #cowboys @hellokiosk @artfuldodgersimaging @bwyanoleary @francescamaffeogallery @kinetic_six
It's called hospitality, mother @katefriedmansiegel
Thinkin about that frosé @brokenshaker @sobewffest #sobewff #PHAAT
New landscape painting by @birkettjamie
Beautiful Watercolor By @polugaeva.juliett _ #arts_help