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how does this keep happening
Somebody's getting some tonight. (Twitter: LeonardCowalski)
Michigan State's Eron Harris gets a standing ovation while checking in during Senior Night despite his season ending injury. (via Forrest_Barnes/Twitter)
Billy for the win
I had a good day of eating in #Rome today. #foodiemagician #stilleating #foodiemagicianeatsrome #italy #fattymagician #lovefood #dietstartstomorrow #travel #love #foodie #wheninrome #loverome #swipeleft (there are six pics with the new insta feature) #🍝 #romeeats #romanholiday
Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). A crystal clear pool above a crack in the #RuthGlacier in #DenaliNationalPark, Alaska. Some of these cracks could go as deep as 2000ft, the thickness of this massive glacier. We skied for days photographing these liquid sapphires, which somehow still shined bright on even the darkest and cloudiest of days, like portals into another world. We became obsessed with them and wanted nothing more than to wander in the fog, from pool to pool, until we ran out of food and were forced to leave. It was a strange and beautiful meditation unlike any Ive had in my life before or since. More photos from Denali at @argonautphoto.
@GiadaDeLaurentiis grills up Chicken Involtini on today's new #GiadaEntertains! [recipe link in bio]
I wrote a post the other day from the bath but failed to mention that one of my favorite things about ski trips is hot tubs, jacuzzi's and heated pools! ❄️🌄💦 I was invited to the Residence Inn to check out the views from their outdoor heated pool and I'm glad I went, although I obviously shot this so I wasn't IN the pool enjoying that amazing hot water. 😂😂 (first world problems) Sunset looked like it was going to explode all over the place but this was as good as it got, can't complain about those gorgeous pinks. 💕🌞💕 @BreckenridgeMtn #Breck
Why am I not sitting next to Taraji P Henson at the #oscars right now?!
You are breaking my heart 💔 Watch it flow ❣️Press Play▶️ 🎥 By @pan_n_ice ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 🔥Follow @realfoodz 💥Follow @simplistic_food ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 😱 Like 10 Posts And Follow 🧀 Double Tap If You Like This 🍕 Turn On Post Notifications ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tag Us In Your Favorit Dishes, For A Chance To Be Featured #realfoodz
Buongiorno. Cerchiamo un pò di carica. Grazie @didi.ra.73.
I AM NOT WELL #oscars
Tornado by #lauraskinner @natureworldco - Want a feature? Submit your art at 🎨
These Oreo chocolate candy bars may be one of the best Oreo releases ever ⚫️🔘🍫 Too good. Found these at my local Walgreens 😋 #dailyfoodfeed 📷: @dailyfoodfeed 📍: @walgreens 👻: dailyfoodfeed 👇 TAG YOUR FRIENDS 👇
cheers girl
“I got pregnant when I was twenty-two. It wasn’t planned. The father and I weren’t even in a relationship. But I thought I could handle it on my own. I felt like a modern woman. I was in law school. I wanted to be a diplomat. But oh man, it was hard. I wasn’t emotionally prepared to deal with it. Society doesn’t treat the child of an unwed mother like a blessing. When you’re married and pregnant, people come up and ask all kinds of questions: ‘Is it a boy? Is it a girl? How are you feeling?’ But that doesn’t happen when you’re single. People saw me getting fatter, but everyone avoided the subject. Instead they asked each other: ‘What happened? Do you know anything?’ I felt invisible. I dropped out of law school because I felt so ashamed. Thankfully a few close friends carried me through. My daughter is eighteen now. Everything turned out fine. But I wish I could have enjoyed my pregnancy more." (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Michigan State's Eron Harris, who suffered a season-ending injury, checks into Senior Night and kisses the Spartan logo. (h/t Leadingncaa/Twitter)