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Dixie Belle got a good enough check up today for a 16 year old Pomeranian. #justgivemeatreatalready
The Empire won their week with 5 wins and 1 loss. They played their hearts out and had wonderful attitudes the whole time. So proud! #darksidevolleyball
When that store bought shirt needs a little something something, I call on @southernsavvydesigns to help me out.
A huge thank you to @southernsavvydesigns for the coolest shirts ever! You're the best! ­čĆÉ. #darksidevolleyball
The Black Pearls are ready to take no prisoners. ­čĆÉ#itsapirateslifeforme
The Empire is ready to strike. #cometothedarksideweplayvolleyball
It only took me 20 minutes in line to get these green things! #luckoftheirish­čŹÇ
Jennifer and Jordan made Creamy Garlic Shrimp Alfredo for supper. It was amazing!
Well there you have it folks! I'm a little bit of everything EXCEPT Native American. ­čśé. #wearetheworld. #ancestrydnaresults
I got engaged 26 years ago today and the romance is still alive, lol. And yesterday, my oldest daughter got engaged! So, now that's three generations of us that have V-Day engagements.
Happy 18th birthday to my baby girl! Watching you grow up is bittersweet. We love you, our sweet girl! Officially an adult now!
Then and now. Gone is my big 80's hair, but the money saved on hairspray is big! #ageisjustanumber
Look how cool the jet stream was today before sunset!
We got robbed! #snowpocolypse2017
Registration begins January 9!!! I wanna see my girls come back!
A belated Christmas gift from my hubby. For years I've wondered what my genetic make up was and now I shall know. #hedoeslistentomeafterall
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