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Exploring Brussels this weekend with these two amazing women, who both happen to share the name Anna!
The 6 month mark of losing Erin came and went this weekend. My day was full of adventures in Wales, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to pause and remember her by sprinkling some of her ashes in the ocean. (Note that of course I also loved babywearing my sweet nephew every second I could this weekend, including during this special moment ❤️) Erin, I miss you more and more everyday.
from Wales
Sorry not sorry for all the baby Sanka spam. {Hat made by me! Opening a new pinkie bonnet shop in the next few weeks: message me if you want some for a discounted price before the shop opens!}
from Bridgend
Can you tell Auntie Rebekah is 100% smitten with Sanka James? 😍
Just me and my best friend, in Wales, while I wear my newest little nephew Sanka 💜💙💕
I just discovered this picture hidden on my big camera, and it may be one of my new favourites. There are so many reasons it's not the typical picture people share: Marlow is looking at the ocean we are standing in instead of the camera, I'm wearing zero make-up (just like the entire week I was in Morocco), my face is red from too much sun, and somehow you can't see the beautiful ocean and mountains behind us. However, I love it because it's the perfect description of my life right now; mostly messy, mostly wild and I have so little control. Yet despite all of that, me and my little side-kick are having the time of our lives, smiling and laughing our way through the pain and mess, one moment at a time.
"I sat up in bed, still sleepy, trying to comprehend what the sound was. I walked towards towards the window, but some strong sense stopped me dead in my tracks. My brain was suddenly racing at a thousand miles per hour, thinking that it had to be a person making this noise, who would be playing with my window in the middle of the night, and why?" New blog post up. This was an extremely hard post to write, but it explains the real reasons behind why I left South Africa (Blood-curdling screams and how we can all do better supporting overseas volunteers) *link in profile*
Morning horse riding on the beach. Miss 11 year old Joah is quite amazing!
Another lush day in Morocco ❤️
This cutie and I say hello from Morocco 🇲🇦!
When the little girl you care for asks you to turn on songs from Beauty and the Beast and dance in a field of flowers with her, there is no possible answer other then a resounding "YES".
This sweet little man turns one this week, and I'm not sure my heart can handle all the emotions that come along with that milestone. Mr. E came to TLC more then halfway through my time in South Africa. He basically fell into my lap as I was walking through the room when the social worker showed up and I offered to take care of him for the night. He was 2 months old at the time, but a mere 2kg (5lbs). I've cared for hundreds of babies over the course of my lifetime, and I treat each and everyone that comes into my care as if they were my own. Yet somehow Mr. E was instantly different and stretched my heart in ways I had never experienced before. The following months he was constantly attached to me, often because he was super fussy and the only thing that calmed him was being wrapped to my chest. The day I left South Africa, I kissed him goodbye and my heart broke. He's now lived over 6 months without me and he's thriving and become the chinkiest happiest baby (I like to think it has sometime to do with all the cuddles I gave him in those first few months 😉) I may never again get to hug this sweet boy of mine, but he will stay forever in my heart, and I will always be praying over his future and I hope someday his forever family will love him as much as I do.
When your favourite Swiss family is willing to try anything, you make a human pyramid for the photo contest of the scavenger hunt you are all doing! // today was full of lots of pure, innocent fun, and I enjoyed every moment of it.
As six months of my sister being gone approaches all too quickly, I wanted to share a little something I wrote. If you've been wondering how I am, what my emotions have been like, how losing my sister has affected my everyday life, read the words below. You don’t hear a rock speak often, but when you feel faint, when you can’t stand on your own, you lean on that rock, even if just for a second, and it brings you rest and reassurance. She was that for me. Yet suddenly, when the rock is gone. when you feel faint, when you lean back towards that rock, the one that has always caught you in the past. You fall. You fall to the cold and wet ground. You are dazed, you are confused. Where is the rock? Where is the object so strong and firm? The one that could not be moved. How is it no longer there? You are still on the ground. You are hurt, but not broken. You are sad. You take your time to stand back up. as you stand you feel sore, you feel tired. When you finally make it to your feet, you look around for the rock, hoping it might just have just moved nearby, but it’s nowhere. And so, you take a step. Your foot feels heavy, the step seems to span a roaring river, but eventually, your foot touches the ground again, you’ve made it one step forward. You gradually continue on your way, there isn’t anywhere else to go. But this journey, this path you walk down, will never be the same, without that rock to rest on.
This photo so perfectly describes the sweetness that is Miss Marlow. I love spending my afternoons with this sweet soul. I love her style and her zest for life, and I especially love hearing her little voice belt out "let it go", all the while mixing her French and English lyrics 😂❤️
from Kir Lake
There are no words for a week spent with a best friend who is basically a sister. One who comes on endless errands, who drives to Geneva with you for just the day, who walks around IKEA dreaming of future homes and who plays a thousand games of Yahtzee. A week with Madeline is the biggest gift and I'm so honored to be the recipient of that gift the past 6 days.
When your best friend is here and playing with your charge and you just are so happy and content you could shout it to the world. // I don't have words to describe how amazing it is to have this beautiful woman by my side this week. My heart needed the fun, silliness, and peace she brings everywhere she goes. ❤️
What's that you see!? I new little face in your feed? Meet Miss M! My newest little charge is sassy, adorable, full of energy, and loves to babble at me in French. She can say "Please, thank you, more, help me" and "oh my goodness!" In English, and is so proud when she does. ❤️