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This photo so perfectly describes the sweetness that is Miss Marlow. I love spending my afternoons with this sweet soul. I love her style and her zest for life, and I especially love hearing her little voice belt out "let it go", all the while mixing her French and English lyrics 😂❤️
from Kir Lake
There are no words for a week spent with a best friend who is basically a sister. One who comes on endless errands, who drives to Geneva with you for just the day, who walks around IKEA dreaming of future homes and who plays a thousand games of Yahtzee. A week with Madeline is the biggest gift and I'm so honored to be the recipient of that gift the past 6 days.
When your best friend is here and playing with your charge and you just are so happy and content you could shout it to the world. // I don't have words to describe how amazing it is to have this beautiful woman by my side this week. My heart needed the fun, silliness, and peace she brings everywhere she goes. ❤️
What's that you see!? I new little face in your feed? Meet Miss M! My newest little charge is sassy, adorable, full of energy, and loves to babble at me in French. She can say "Please, thank you, more, help me" and "oh my goodness!" In English, and is so proud when she does. ❤️
I was reminded today that this was exactly one year ago. This was what I like to lovingly refer to as "the night from hell". I had a 40C (104F) fever, but still had to work night shift because we were already short of hands on day shift. I could barely move, hence the chart and thermometer sitting above me on the couch, and the line of bottles surrounding me. Night shift was hard enough when you had two able-bodied people, and honestly I don't know how @annavaino managed to get everything done without me, but she's a rockstar and she did. Throughout the night as babies woke up she would bring them to me with a bottle, and either lay them next to me or put them in one of many car seats surrounding me. I would feed them and rock them back to sleep, often 4-5 at a time, as this picture shows. THIS people, is #reallife being a volunteer at an orphanage. It's not pretty, nor fun. It's hard work, and just when you think you can't possibly continue, you plug along just a little bit more because 40 babies are depending on you to do so. I share all of this mainly because I feel there is a big idea out there that working at an orphanage is lots of sunshine and pretty pictures and baby snuggles, when it's not. The number one comment I got when I left TLC was "I will miss seeing all your pictures of the babies!" And while I'm sure the sentiment behind all of those comments was meant in love, I felt sad because so many people didn't realize that those I left behind (and the thousands of people who are still working at orphanages all over the world) really aren't just living pretty pictures. Next time you are going to comment something on the photos of babies or children currently in orphanages, I'd encourage you to take a moment to think about the people working behind the scenes, and consider giving them some encouragement too. Wether it be a kind note to check up on them, a word of encouragement, or money to treat themselves to coffee, I'm sure it will do more good then you'll ever know. ❤️ PD: Rebekah laying on a mat in the middle of a large room, she looks exhausted and is feeding a baby, while rocking 4 more who are in car seats surrounding her.
Only in Switzerland 🇨🇭: you learn to ski in your best friend's backyard and the neighbors come by on their horse-drawn carriage that they took out for a casual Saturday afternoon ride.
Today I not only learned how to milk the cows on my favourite dairy farm in Switzerland (my favourite because it's owned my best friend's family) but I wore skii's for the first time ever and went sliding down a hill. It's been a good day, thank you Switzerland. (And the amazing Maeder family!)
Erin's old typewriter offically made it across the ocean with me in one piece! I started a New Year's resolution to pick one quote out, and type it up, everyday, on Erin's old typewriter. Partly because I wanted something that would remind me to take a moment to reflect on my emotions and be mindful, and partly because I wanted memories of Erin to be woven through my everyday practices. (And thirdly because I had all these quotes sitting in my phone but nothing to do with them!) So as of the beginning of January I've been picking one random person a day and I am mailing them a quote that I've typed up. There are many of you who I'd love to send a quote to, but I don't have your address. So if you'd like to recieve a quote that's been typed up on my sister's antique typewriter, please click on the link in my profile and leave your address in my address book! You just might recieve a little note from France one day.. ❤️ 
I've been terrible about keeping the internet world up-to-date on my wearabouts lately. So, for a big announcement that's a little bit late: I moved to France!! As of yesterday I am officially living in Dijon, France. I'm working as a nanny, in French lessons, and loving the fact that I'm finally living in Europe, something I've dreamed of doing for years. I am both ecstatic and heartbroken at leaving America. I want nothing more then to leave behind all the drama and sadness and politics, but I'm also torn that I won't be there to stand up as an ally with so many people who are being treated unfairly right now. However, I will do whatever I can to stand up from this side of the ocean, all while enjoying many a glasses of French wine and stumbling my way through French lessons. 🍷🇫🇷
The metro station was packed at 8am this morning. Everytime the train stopped more women poured into the trains and the car would be filled with the sound of cheers. The spirit was an incredible mix of solemnness, joy, anticipation - and as we arrived to streets filled with people - wonder. We all marched for different reasons. We all came from vastly different backgrounds. Yet I was amazed moment after moment as I heard nothing but kind words come out of people's mouths. It was a mess at times. It was cold and a lot of us stood for over 5 hours and then didn't get to march because too many people showed up. Yet somehow the spirit remained hopeful, and that gave me the utmost joy for the future. For me the day was extremely bittersweet as I marched in memory of my sister. I wanted to text her a picture a thousand times, tell her how amazing it was and how she would have loved it. #Imarchfor My beloved Erin #womensmarch #womensmarchonwashington
For those of you who don't know.. I'm working at Buy Buy baby for a few weeks. My department manager and I strongly disagree on our favourite strollers. I love the @bugaboohq Donkey, he loves the @cybex_global Priam. Since it was a slow day we decided to weigh them down and see how they performed during a few strolls around the store. 👍🏼Have to say, it's definitely one of my favourite perks of the job!
I rarely jump on with instafads, however the #bestnine2016 is one of my favourites. What a sweet way to look back over the year, and the little still squares which offer a snapshot into my life. The trends woven through these pictures show the extreme up and downs I've faced, from endless Baby wearing snuggles, hard times in Africa, saying goodbye to my sister, and the amazing friends who have stood by me through it all.
The very best collection of presents. A picture to remind me of my babies (and my heart) that I left in South Africa. A poem that so perfectly describes the pain and feelings I deal with every day, and a perfect little bird. All three from Denmark. All three now hold a cherished place on my window sill.
My sister's dress. My sister's pearls. These days most things don't seem to matter. The importance of relationships and saying the things you want to say, and listening, and being there, have all been hard-pressed into me after losing Erin. However, I'm trying to remember to be thankful for the small, yet beautiful, things she left behind, things I can treasure and hopefully pass on to my girls someday, telling them the stories of their Auntie Erin, who changed the world.
This precious friend was the best companion I could have asked for over the past week. I've had a lot of low days as well as some high days. This process of mourning seems to overwhelm me at times and then fade into the shadows other days. Yet through it all, sweet Anna was by my side, always encouraging me to breathe, rest, and do adventurous things. There is nothing more I could have asked for in a best friend.
So many emotions flood by brain this birthday. In the very forefront: my deepest longing and greatest birthday wish is to have just one more conversation with my beautiful and wise sister. Since that is not possible, 23 feels like a heavy number. A hard milestone to surpass. Yet, admist the pain and sorrow and wonderings of a day such as today, another angel has been gifted to me. My dearest and sweetest friend flew all the way from Denmark to spend this hard week with me, and I couldn't be happier that she is here.
One of my favourite photos of Erin and I. It was taken a year and a half ago on one of our craziest adventures in Seattle. I love how it shows our personalities so beautifully.. me always smiling and running ahead, her always the quiet, steady, strong presence behind me. Grief the past two weeks looks so different then I ever imagined. Instead of denial, anger, and hours of crying that I expected, it feels more like a fog; like I'm walking around constantly with this deep pain that I don't have words to explain. I long to cry and can't - tears are one of the only things that feel like they release small amounts of this pain. I say all of this to stay honest, transparent, and ask for grace upon grace during this time. I've lost things, forgotten things, and sometimes feel like I can't function. The support of all my amazing friends and family is the rock that's been beneath me these last few weeks. One more thing in this post turned essay - so many of you know my faith. I have so many questions - and yet I don't want any of them answered. I don't want attempted explanations as to why God would take my sister when the world needed her most. The two things I know during this time is: God loves me with a love unequal to anything I can imagine, and His love will slowly help to heal this gaping hole in my heart. The hole will always be there, but I know with time and love, the pain of the hole will not be as sharp.
Taco Bell. In honor of Erin ❤️🌮🌯
from Taco Bell