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wish u were here
when in doubt, vacation
you're taking up a fraction of my mind
I am not okay #davisduo
mack is getting married & so are we!!!! 💍 #davisduo
finding joy in the journey
trendy toast
this city has completely stolen my heart (also super thankful for friends like @brynaea who are crazy talented & make dope jackets)
your friendship was the sweetest surprise
someone's gotta do it ✌🏼
life's rough
the only marks we should leave on this earth 👣🌎 (also v excited to celebrate earth day with my wife so there's that @margiedavis 🎉🎊)
beach baby
breathe, trust, let go & see what happens.
from sweetgreen
city of angels
missing you a little extra today
Sierra bought herself flowers & it took 47 tries for the three of us to get a decent picture together
sun came out for a minute & now back to our regularly scheduled programming 🌧