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Beautiful Edit! 🌙 @nois7
Amazing Style! @samrodriguezart
100% Graffiti turned into a movie My take on this.. It's a metaphor for life. We keep on evolving, but a shot has been fired some time ago already. A generation ago, maybe two. It's an irreversible shot, it's in the air and can't be stopped. Now we've advanced, but that previously fired shot has not arrived yet. Soon it will hit us in the back, causing us to completely wipe out all advancements we've accomplished so far and watch everything blow up in our face due to our own wrongdoings. Or not, I don't know. Haha - Art by Blu @thefadmia ✨
Amazing Edit By @dr_brown
🎈 Made From Broken Pieces Of Glass!
Up and coming artist @dmirworld expresses his take on society. Check out his latest mural in Little Tokyo
Beautiful Portrait! 👩‍🎨
Scribbling By @jm_artwork
Amazing Artwork By @kingless_
Pregnancy @thefadmia ✨
Distant Galaxies ✨ @mikaelbrandrup
For @AGentleTouchOfArt. It's about art being healing
👀 @thefadmia ✨
@noelbadgespugh ✋️ @thefadmia ✨
So cute By @stinehvid
A True Artist Watercolor by @watercolour_aquarel
Amazing By @anasantos_illustration
Love this by @kristibrud Prints of this and many more are available at