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Omg I like can't find them anywhere
Listen with sound for a dose of truth @slutshock follow us on snap (the_betches)
Just call me deceive @betchesheadpro
Thanks @hoteltonight we're off to our wild #betchelorette weekend @dreamhotels! Don't email us, we're out!
Xanax and pass the fuck out?
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I'm fine!
I wish everyday was college
What? Did somebody say my name? @bigkidproblems
Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan and Corinne took naps. So, obvi you should too on our new pillows from @shopbetches 👉 link in bio! #ShopBetches #GangstaNapper
I just have a lot of feelings
Pretty filter 4 life
5 more minutes
Current mood (@shekeepsmebalanced)
Amy Poehler knows gender inequality isn't cool. We're partnering with our fav beauty brand @soapandgloryusa to fix this! We want to hear your stories about how you’re slaying your pay or becoming an empowered woman at work – send us your questions & comments to Check out the link in the bio to uncover more facts about gender inequality! #glorytothegirls
Uncanny @chillblinton
I didn't know my hand bent that way