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Don't start with me
Same outfit who dis? @hilarious.ted
Tell it the light is green @donny.drama
Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on
I gotchu Susan
Our ranking of the betchiest Rugrats characters is the funniest thing you'll read all week. Check it out from the link in the bio or @pandalise
No questions at this time please
You're not batshit crazy you're batshit lazy 🙃 Sold exclusively at @shopbetches 👉🏽 LINK IN BIO!!! #shopbetches #batshitlazy @typicallytaylor @betchesclique
Forget it I'll be a stripper
It's baaaaaaack. Since you crazies sold us out two times already, we've restocked the Burn Book notebook once again. 🙃 Sold exclusively at @shopbetches 👉🏽 link in bio #shopbetches
Or a ghost that's always screaming "leave Britney alone!"
Naps are life
When you marry down
If you're not packing 3-5 outfits that there's 0 chance you'll ever wear, you're doing it wrong.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US. Accepting bday collages all day 😘