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man crush errrrday🙃
Coastal Love🎶
With these two krezi cousin❤❤ #SF
Whee r yaa harri pawtah? #aksenberlebihan ⚡️
At Kardashians favorite restaurant 😜
January 19, 2016 19//365 Dear Reynard Eztrada "cranky man" Bokslag HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! I wanted you to know that you always make me feel good. Nobody has ever made me feel the way you do. Even when im in the worst mood, you always seem to make me feel better. You are more than my boyfriend, but also my best friend. Even though, i have deleted all of ur photos in ig (DRAMA😜) but that doesnt change the way i feel about you. (WAELA DANGDUTS🤔) I know we have gone thru quite a bit last year but i am really excited and looking forward to our journey together. I love you to the moon and back to the moon lg bolak balik pp trs balik lg puter balik puter2 infinity💙💙💙 See you soon, XOXO from SF💋
Pardon my red nose, Sir👋🏻
Trolling around dc snow😬❄️ #ngapainbung #part2
"A WHOLE NEW WOOOOOOOOOORLDDDDD" Its my first time watching broadway show like this and literally NANGIS BAHAGIA sepanjang acara. Serius, ini adalah 3 jam ter-menyenangkan dalam hidup, so far. THE SHOW WAS SO AWWWWWEEEEESSSSOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEE & beautiful at the same time!💯✔️💙❤😭😭😭 Sayang, gaboleh di rekam. Tp ga akan lupa jugasi😅 #broadway #NY
Yes, im wearing the pink pants. ANDDDDD amazing views from #breckenridge #colorado 💙
#kibasrambut2kg #beratbet #ngapainbung 👋🏻