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G money 💰How do I almost have a 9 year old!?? #momsondate #GriggsBeau
Future so bright 💛 #happyday
Olive Juice.. and like love and stuff ✌🏽 #peaceandlove #errrrrday #imsoromantic
Monday Mantra ... #yasqueen #slay #babymulletonpoint @broadcity
Suns out buns out .... #finally #channelinggwen
First Gymnastics class was a success, I was worried about her asthma but she only needed a puff after class. She loved every second of it and proved she is just as fearless as her dad. #littlegymnast #stinkeyemaster
Weekend vibes with my main squeeze. Sooo not ready to Monday. #hesprettycute #hubby #talibkweli
🔥 #lightitup
"As for my girls, I'll teach them to breathe fire". I want both of my kids to always know that they can make a difference, big or small, no matter the circumstances. Speak up, be heard, fight for what you believe in, even when people tell you to give up. My son recently told me that I was the hardest working person he knows. Those words mean everything to me. Teaching our sons to be strong and respectful men is just as important as teaching our girls to be strong and educated..... I had planned for months to go to our local women's march but sickness has us here at home. Still not letting our signs go to waste though ✌🏽#protestispatriotic #myvoicematters #womensmarch #fightlikeagirl
Aim high munchkin.. #dreambig #bekind #mlkjr
"Everybody can be great.. because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love" #mlkjr One of my favorite quotes by an inspiring human #weerascals
" I am not cute. I don't want to be pretty. I am worth more than that. I do not need to starve myself or spend al my money on make up and manicures and tanning salons. I do not need to hate my ass or my thighs or my anything. I need to be healthy and strong. I need to be aware and empowered. I am concerned with loving myself. I am concerned with being a whole person. I am brave. I am smart. I am not cute.. I don't want to be "pretty"." #mood #wordstomyself #wordstomydaughter
At least someone is enjoying this 😂 #itspretty #iguess #summergirl
Did you know January is thyroid awareness month? I went undiagnosed for years and suffered for a long time. If I could bring awareness and help one person, I would be happy . Millions of people suffer from this disease and most don't even know they have it. My daily symptoms included: extreme fatigue, forgetfulness, difficulty breathing, hair loss, puffy face, dry skin, anxiousness, ect ect ect. The list goes on! Most of these symptoms where heightened after my pregnancies and I just thought it was my hormones. Left undetected and untreated you can do major harm to your body. It took one awesome Dr after me describing my symptoms to many other doctors to catch it . If you are feeling off get you TSH Levels tested - with diet changes and the help of my doctors I am finally feeling myself again ❤❤ #passiton #hypothyroidism #checkyourneck #thyroiddisease #postpartumthyroiditis #glutenfree
Well that's a wrap 2016 🌙🌍🤘🏽Lots of firsts for me this year including a new career path, visiting new places, and having my family together full time finally. So much to be thankful for and even more to discover and learn this year. As long as I have my babies and fam healthy by my side.. we good #happynewyear #bringiton #mamabird #alsocanitbesummernow
No surprise all my babies. Here's to 2017 and to continually growing and learning every day ✌🏽🖤 #2016bestnine #liveandlearn
Yesterday we were in shorts, today sweats and Uggs with no intent of leaving the house ❄️💨 #brr #notawinterfan