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Basically the scenario this week. Been a doozie and it's only Wednesday! Life is either really chill or a whirlwind of crazy I swear. Weekdays just about do me in juggling work and home life. I'm pretty sure all my kids have eaten this week is pizza and donuts and I don't even care.. at least they brushed their teeth!? 😬 we got this even if it's the long weekend for motivation haha
Free Bird
I'll probably carry her until she is the same size as me! No shame here lol. That last baby reality is hitting me and I can't even handle it. Sparrow knock it off already
"Behind every dope woman is a story only she can tell" @nakeiachomer words that have me inspired today. Words for myself and my daughter to embrace. I have always struggled to find my worth even when I knew I could do something better than anyone else. Staying in the shadows when my voice deserved to be heard. No more. Stepping outside and embracing a little fear does a lot for your soul, I can tell you that. I do not feel sorry for myself nor am I a victim, I just needed that SHOVE to realize it.. I am on that mission now. No comparisons or judgement, just wanna do me. We all have been through some shit.. that has made us who we are. Whats your story only you can tell??
Started of the summer off right with a little lake house weekend getaway. I have so many vivid memories camping as a kid and I want my kids to have the same. Living in Utah makes it easy for these inexpensive yet awesome trips on whim. On the two hour drive home the hubs and I made a pact to explore as many new spots as we can this summer. Challenge accepted βœŒπŸ½πŸŒ™
What I have to say about any negative people or energy.... peace out homie
Some days I am more wolf than woman and I am still learning how to stop apologizing for my wild. Standing out has never been a problem for me, it's just my nature to be a little on the outside. Wild women can't help it .. πŸ’› People that get that are usually my tribe
I couldn't get the song Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac out of my head all day today... so listened it all the way home from work and it made me so happy. Back to the Gypsy feels work wonders guys, you should try it! Windows down, volume up πŸŒ™
I think I'm looking for any ounce of energy I may have left in me today! I have mentioned before that I struggle with hypothyroidism and it kicks my ass some days!! I work really hard to maintain a healthy clean diet and keep an active lifestyle, but it still creeps up on me. I know when this is happening for more than a day or so I need to tighten up my routine and take extra care of myself. Having thyroid issues is invisible so most people are unaware they even suffer from this condition and live with the symptoms that can really be miserable. Keeping a positive attitude and just accepting my stricter lifestyle from now on has really helped me feel as balanced and healthy as possible . ❀️✌🏽
My little flower child with a Rock N Roll Soul. Spicy Sparrow is what we refer to this one as most days. She definitely gets it from her dad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Current mood... I'm not doing a single thing the rest of the night!! Happy Sunday ✌🏽❀️
The summer rush is in full effect. I love all the fun activities that are seasonal here in Utah. I have been spending my weekend mornings hitting up flea markets and garage sales with my mom. I think we hit 20 this morning! We are redoing both kids room this weekends and we have found some awesome treasures. Whether or not Sparrow actually sleeps in the room is another topic but finger crossed 🀞🏾
The universe loves a believer πŸŒβœŒπŸ½πŸŒ™
Practice what you post ✌🏽 Learning to say no without apologies or guilt has been huge for me. Even saying "no I just want to stay home" or "actually, I think I'm going to do this instead but thanks for the invite" took me many years to accomplish. I'm a social introvert but alone time is really necessary for me to recharge. Taking that time should never come with consequences, and the people that can truly respect and understand those boundaries you set for yourself, will get that. I'm a weird creature. I own that title and value yours πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Hands down my favorite thing to do is going to concerts, outdoor preferably. I love, love, music and ever since both my babies were old enough, I've dragged them with me to any concert I can. When my husband worked out of state, I was alone a lot so that became me and my sons favorite activity. Its not very relaxing with 2 kids but I want them to have those experiences with me. It's become our tradition to go to as many concerts as we can every summer.. I have a few this summer I cannot wait for 🀘🏽✌🏽
"AUTHENTICITY: is not something we have or do not have. It's a practice- a conscious choice of how we want to live..Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen." #brenebrown I often remind myself these things when I'm feeling a little like an outcast in my thoughts. Even more so when I am surrounded by people that get me. Honest and sincere never goes out of style yo ..
My constant shadow this one.. my son is at the age where he is very independently occupied, this one is all mama all the time. She is watching everything I do, mimicking her mama, even wearing my shoes and clothes. Crazy to think how much you influence your kids without knowing. You better make a good impression
Memorial Day weekend around the house. I've spent the majority of this month dedicated to getting a daily and weekly routine set. I have been waking up really early, exercising, working on my house, and keeping a pretty strict daily schedule. Being a working mom I am not always left with much free time but I'm determined to take any time that I can to work on myself with no apologies.. keeping my whole day organized use to seem excessive, now I wonder why I didn't start sooner. Daily mantra: Make the most of your day, do work, move that needle. ✌🏽I still haven't figured out a morning where I keep my cool with crazy kids but baby steps ...