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These hot summer like days remind me of getting pitted in Hawaii under these volcanic waves 🌊 πŸŒ‹ @eye_b_long
If you can read you should pick up a @coastmountainculture mag and check out the article on the Hawaii trip I did last June, the pictures are sweet too if you're illiterate @eye_b_long @clifbar @trekbikes @bellbikehelmets @rideshimano @dakine
Good day for a roll in the dandelions, Revelstoke sure is pretty these days 😍 @seerevelstoke #therealstoke
Remember when I was #toothlessandruthless ? @eye_b_long @bellbikehelmets @oakleybike @clifbar
Aloha, here's some strawberry guavas for your Saturday. @eye_b_long
@mdelormephoto capturing the action once again, thanks brotha! @trekfactoryracingenduro @dakine @bellbikehelmets @clifbar @rideshimano @trekraceshop
What an eventful weekend, so stoked to stay on the bike and finally finish an EWS this season, Madeira is rad, add to the bucket list. Many thanks to @trekraceshop for all the support @raywaxham @shredparks9 @wolvobricks @mdelormephoto 🦈
We gon' ride all the way to the poncha today 🍹🌺🌴🌊 @dakine @clifbar @trekfactoryracingenduro @rideshimano @ridebontrager @mdelormephoto 🦈
Day 1 done βœ… only 5 stages left ➑️Bring it @mdelormephoto
@mdelormephoto is aways watching @trekfactoryracingenduro @dakine @clifbar @bellbikehelmets @rideshimano
Not only do you get a huge diversity in terrain here in Madeira you also get all four seasons in a matter of hours. Loving these trails. @mdelormephoto @dakine @clifbar @trekfactoryracingenduro @bellbikehelmets @rideshimano
Really nice to get clean after a wild, wet practice, thanks @trekfactoryracingenduro @bellbikehelmets @clifbar @eye_b_long @rideshimano
Be sure to follow @seerevelstoke to see what the team is up to ⚑️🀘🏽⚑️🀘🏽#instatakeover
Here's a bit of raw footy for your Monday, @anthillfilms @rachybox @trekbikes @clifbar @sonyactioncamofficial @rideshimano
Riding the #Slash today, conditions are getting good at home, wooo! @ellebrowntown @martyschaffer @trekbikes @dakine @clifbar @bellbikehelmets
Is anyone else this stoked that spring is here and we get to ride bikes? @camillarutherford_photography @mikejhopkins @kellymcgazza #mcgazzaforever
Tasmania is definitely worth the trip, the trails are sooo good! @mdelormephoto
Getting some sunshine! @martyshaffer