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@misswinton showing me the way down some slippery slopes in practice. What fun! @mdelormephoto
Thanks @svenmartinphoto for capturing me in my natural habitat. Race day was hard, really hard, 🌧I made it past stage 5 and the lungs, bike and body said enough is enough, I had so much fun riding, sliding, and hugging trees. BIG thanks to @trekraceshop @trekfactoryracingenduro for having my back and making my bike amazing, SO proud of my team mates @misswinton on a 5th! And @lewbuchanan on a 19th! you guys are inspirational! Time to rest up for a week of @crankworx ! #feedyouradventure #showyourstripes
Race Day! I'm still fighting off this deep chest cold but I'm going to see how it goes, I may just be participating today. @mdelormephoto
@mdelormephoto capturing me beneath the ponga tree canopy. Practice is done, now we race #showyourstripes #feedyouradventure #mcgazzaforever @crankworx
Happy #NationalPuppyDay you all know I love Snuffy.
First day of the first EWS practice! I got your 6 number 6 @misswinton @mdelormephoto
Welcome to the team @lewbuchanan ! @mdelormephoto 📷
Shadow of the sun, link in my bio, check it. @brettrheeder @harrisonmendel
Took Tui the dog up to this very special spot on Fern hill loop, nice to take a moment to remember before shredding the f*#k out of Salmon Run 🤘🏽#mcgazzaforever
It's a MUST watch #Dreamride with @mikejhopkins link in my bio @eye_b_long 📷 👌🏽
Trying to stay on the trail with all the "antigrip" @andespacifico #werideforchile #feedyouradventure @samneedham_photo 📷🌵🌵🌵
Our Revelstoke Branch manager. 🌿 #snuffysunday #sorrynotsorry @cycledog thanks @katedevine for looking after her! @williameatonphotos 📷
If anyone is wondering where I am, I'm in my happy place. #solorides #feedyouradventure #slash
Last weeks #powerfly shoot had some ups and downs but in the end we got some amazing footage #trekglobalmedia @jeffdkennel 📷
A little taste of what racing blind looks like. I felt like if I was actually on the trail things were going a little too well. Shot on my @sonyactioncamofficial #actioncam @ridebontrager @trekfactoryracingenduro @rideshimano @bellbikehelmets @clifbar @dakine @stagescycling @andespacifico @fox @oakleybike #feedyouradventure #werideforchile @performx_training @transcanadafitness
First day back on the bike since my cankle issues, feels so good to pedal again. #itdberudenotto #feedyouradventure #Slash
Trying to figure out how to nose bonk this rock at the #andespacifico, might be easier to master with out all the prickly obstacles. Check out the story from our trip to Chile! Link in my bio @samneedham_photo 📷
#gooutside shooting the #powerfly edit with @anton.cooper and #TrekGlobalMedia