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I cut a good 20 cm off the back of my noboard this year, it's SO much better, I'm in love with this @libtechnologies skate banana! #actioncam #feedyouradventure #nobindingsnoproblem #therealstoke #longhairdontcare shot on my @sonyactioncamofficial
Racing blind is new to me, one heck of a rush! @rodrigoaljaro #werideforchile #feedyouradventure #andespacifico
Glaciers in the middle of the desert, and anti grip corners #roost #yearoftherooster #andespacifico @rodrigoaljaro
Sticks and stones.... @samneedham_photo #andespacifico #showyourstripes #feedyouradventure
Absolutely LOVED riding my Slash last week, I never thought in a million years I'd be on a 29er but honestly this bike SHREDS. #andespacifico @jpariasphoto 📷
I'm back in the winter part of the world now, but still reminiscing about Chile #therealwildwest #andespacifico #feedyouradventure #showyourstripes
#andespacifico awesomeness 15000ft mountains, glaciers, cacti, wild horses and back country roads for miles, Chile is sure growing on me
@samneedham_photo catching me ducking under the branches. The #andespacifico has been a really neat experience, one day left, I'm digging racing blind through the desert mountains @ridebontrager @rideshimano @trekbikes @stagescycling @clifbar @bellbikehelmets @dakine @fox @oakleybike
from La Ligua
I'm not the only ass in this picture @samneedham_photo @clifbar @trekbikes @dakine @rideshimano @ridebontrager @bellbikehelmets oakleybike @fox @monsroyale
Dat ass tho #makingfriends #donkeyoftheday #donkeysofinstagram #feedyourdonkey #feedyouradventure #therealstoke
Good ol' jokes from @martyschaffer making the hike up easy #feedyouradventure #therealstoke
Ski ya later @revelstoke I'm off to summer for a few days in 🇨🇱 #backonthebike #feedyouradventure #therealstoke @martyschaffer 📷 @clifbar
A year ago we lost one of the greatest influences in the Mountian bike community, Kelly is one of the few people I looked up to, not only as a rider but as a genuine human being. Often I think what would @kellymcgazza do, because he always delt with life in a positive way, that's what I admired. Im honoured to call him a friend and feel lucky that I knew him while he was here. #mcgazzaforever love ya @sammyhitchcock ❤️❤️❤️ @camillarutherford_photography
from Haast Pass
Awesome day up at @revelstoke thanks @martyschaffer for the recreational ski day! @seerevelstoke #therealstoke #feedyouradventure @revelutionfitness
The heli got us to the cabin but the rest was up to the ol' getaway sticks. So nice to have a long term relationship with the mountains, things are going well. ❤️🏔❤️
Bikes! Check out that spectators hamstring stretch #showyourstripes #feedyouradventure @mdelormephoto
The past five days out at the Valkyrs hut were an amazing learning experience, following. @capowguiding @martyschaffer around the ridges and mountains showed me a taste of what it takes to guide a group safely through avalanche terrain while of course showing them the best time of their life. First group ever up there so we got to slap some names on the runs #mormonhour
#JeffyG capturing some still images deep in the the BC backcountry @jeffharker