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Crowds gather on the famous double arch bridge in Lavertezzo. Midday, when the sun hits the water, the scene of people can be a little overwhelming as the temperature turns from frigid to perfect. But just upstream lies a literal maze of canyon walls, waterfalls and cliff jumps. We swam up river against the current with goggles, wetsuits and fins to a places I had never seen photos of. This is one of the places I look forward to going back more than anywhere else.
2 humans, 2 horses, 1 dog and a whole lot of empty space. A perfect empty canvas really. I had shot here maybe 4 times in my life before this last trip & never created a memorable image... or at least something I was proud of. It's the same with many places I've been... just rushing through it without much thought or planning. In a place like this it takes time to let the beauty set in & figure out how to best portray it instead of eagerly clicking the shutter. We are quick to pull out our camera sometimes rather than just allowing ourselves to be there...
Tree barrels
Northern lights, drones, low light cameras and surfers willing to go out in -20° winter conditions. A little behind-the-scenes look at the low percentage moment where the dream came true to shoot surfing under the northern lights for the 'Under An Arctic Sky' film. ~ shot by the talented @renan_ozturk . . See you at the Salt Lake City screening tomorrow night! Tickets are still left! In my bio link or After that Canada and Colorado!
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The ultralight trike looks more like a flying motorcycle than a powered hang glider. With your legs dangling over the tricycle body & fuselage you get almost unobstructed views of the world around you. The exposure is radical... to be honest at first it's downright scary. (especially when you feel turbulence) But after the nerves calm it can be an almost meditative experience and incredibly intuitive to fly. I've shot from most types of flying vessels and this is by far my favorite. The mobility & simplistic nature of this craft makes it one of the most unique ways I've ever moved across the sky. @shotsfromabove
from New Mexico
Life is all about balance after all. . @handsomerobinson between a rock and wet place. @garrison_rowland @russell_holliday
5 years ago today my whole world became a lot brighter with the birth of my first son Jeremiah. It's that instant realization that your life is not your own & that somewhere out there someone is always counting on you that really gets you. When I'm traveling every trip seems farther from home than before. Somedays I'm terrified for him & others incredibly proud... like when caught his first snake without an ounce of fear. (I'm still afraid of snakes) We are so different but so alike in ways I never imagined. He told me today he wanted to see a photo of the Ocean because that was his favorite place. Mine too.
Everyone's view of lucky looks a little different. An empty roadside hot springs usually does it for me.
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My first trip to Alaska changed my whole perspective on wilderness. Even the word ALASKA still seems to evoke an urge to pack my bags and pull out a map. I've been back many times over the years exploring the remote Aleutian Islands, massive Denali national park and even the Kenai peninsula by boat. . Today I'm back in Anchorage to show my film Under an Arctic Sky. I always wanted to bring this film to the more remote adventure communities. Come out to @beartooththeatre 5:30pm for a night of storytelling. Tickets in my bio or
You never forget your first.
Even with a perfect explanation of how it all came together to form this tiny island. Thinking about it can still hold my fascination for hours. . @russell_holliday
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At some point you learn to stop hiding from the rain & start embracing it.
from Oregon
High tide fills this shallow estuary with water creating a larger than life maze for one to explore. You could never really see these patterns from the ground which is what makes flying over it so unique. Imagine driving by this your whole life never knowing it was there.
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The exchange is mind boggling, nearly impossible to explain in words. Even as you see it happening, you can't quite comprehend what is occurring. And that is exactly what makes it so beautiful to witness. My thoughts on the intricate rivers that flow through the central highlands of Iceland, Hálendið. - See these complex beauties for yourself at this link or @prana 'a bio & learn how you can help to protect one of the last great wildernesses in Europe.
Tonight in Portland! We have 2 more screenings of our film Under An Arctic Sky - 7&9pm. . Then heading to Anchorage, AK May 18th! 5:30/8pm Tickets in bio or
As a kid my mom would paddle me out past the surf and push me off the board saying, "the Ocean is your friend Christopher." She did her best to instill in me a love for the unknown. At the time I was freaked out & thrashed my way back to the beach. It took a few years to really appreciate. I learned a lot from my mom starting out in a single parent home but no lesson was greater was than to be fearless & go forward with an appreciation for the things that intimidate you. I guess it sunk in.
For anyone who has seen this with their naked eye (and yes as in it's really this bright & this vibrant in real life and not just on a camera screen) then you know how life altering it can be. I'll try my best to put it into words... To see something in your life that has always been so stable.. a "constant" so to say.. (like the sky) All of the sudden change shape, color and literally dance and fluctuate is almost an out of body experience. One I hope everyone can see. . That was a big part of why we made our film Under An Arctic sky. To share this in person. We added 2 more Portland screenings for those who didn't make the first May 16th 7&9pm. Tix in Bio ✌🏼
The best display of inland surfing I've seen yet. Even with a safety line you still take some risks... a fall here with rope stretch would mean embracing a lot of Poison Oak. 😬 @handsomerobinson