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#LookingBack @eyadzeero this was taken 2 years ago, you drove me to my job interview... I want to say thank you for the efforts and for being very supportive, i appreciate everything that u do for me to make me happy.. Also, I'm sorry if there were times that I took you for granted :/ #ahabak See how far we've come 😀 😘
everyone is scared of being the one who cares too much, loves too much -this is why relationships fall apart. (walang koneksyon sa picture l0l) #philophobia
what's up doc?
fishing with my #hababy on a Sabado night... i was at the beach the whole day?! 😁😁 three rods, zero fish LOL @eyadzeero
you can never have too much beach 😉😍 #beachaholic #beachismyhappyplace #beachtherapy #saltwaterhealsthesoul @iam.mariayn
it's #Thursday !!! oh boy oh boy oh boy! ooops... awwww... 😢 #whenurealize
I need beach therapy #beachismyhappyplace #thepalm
life can't always be how you want it to be. you can't have everything you want, there's happiness but there's also sadness, there are times that u just can't breathe, but u must remember not to give in to darkness or else... you will suffocate. live in love, light and positivity. #lifegoeson
cold summer night and tear-stained pillow #thisislife #whattodo
punk has always been about doing things your own way. what it represents for me is ultimate freedom and a sense of individuality... #libertyisachoice✌🏽️
sometimes you just have to accept the fact that some people only enter your life as a temporary happiness #hugotMonday #fact
"strong men" are hard to find😏 applause to these men 👏👏👏
❤❤❤ #Thursday
just watched #Logan @ #Mercato #lastfullshow 07-03-17
i said no!
@iam.mariayn @yna.marie #hotnessoverload