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For years I observed and taught thousands of students who were struggling with some very important aspects of landscape photography. Among those struggles were, for example: how to scout for new unknown locations, how to be in the right place at the right time, how to master composition, or how to develop your own style and market you photos. I had those struggles myself in the beginning of my career. So, I decided to create this tutorial to help to overcome those and many other challenges. This tutorial is full of tips, ideas, and knowledge that took me years of practice and dedication to acquire. Learn exactly how I do it and how YOU can do the same or better. Pre-order this tutorial now to get 50% off + 2 BONUS VIDEOS on landscape post-processing. The BONUS videos won't be included in the final release. Moreover, Pre-order now and get an immediate access to my secret Landscape Photography Facebook Group where you can start posting pictures, asking me questions and share your ideas with other group members. Link in bio.
"What would happen if it melted?" The story behind this shot: we just had a sailing expedition to the north-west Greenland, visiting on our way region suffered from recent tsunami. Danish military force were evacuating the area in the beginning of July. Some houses from a little village were even washed away to the sea by tsunami... The house on this photo is actually floating behind the iceberg. I made this shot specially at the angle when you feel like it's staying on top of the iceberg which will melt and crash very soon. #Greenland #tsunami #iceberg
from Uummannaq
Our beautiful boat "Peter the great" in front of Greenlandic iceberg. It's a specially made steel vessel for Arctic adventures. Our captain just launched the second boat "Aurora" in Arctic and they have 3 spots left for 24-31 August photography tour in disko bay this year. If you want to see beautiful Greenland right now, contact me at DM or at #Greenland #Arctic #Nikon
from Uummannaq
Incredible arches in Greenland. Our sailing boat passes behind for a sense of scale. #Greenland #Nikon #nikkor #gitzoinspires
from Ilulissat
Sometimes there's something bigger that lies beneath rather than what we can see by our eyes... #Greenland #dji #djiphantom
It's hard to believe that places like this could even exist. And when you discover them for the first time, just by accident, they leave you in awe. I've discovered this beautiful fjord during my Greenland sailing expedition this summer. #Greenland #Nikon #nikkor 14-24 #gitzo #gitzoinspires @gitzoinspires #Lucroit
from Uummannaq
This summer we've visited region in Greenland damaged by recent tsunami. It was caused by landslide and washed away the whole village. Entire area was evacuated by dannish air force. I'm working for some years in Greenland already, and it's sad to hear that even locals mention significant changes in environment. Glaciers melting and retreating with enormous speed. We need to treat our planet very careful. #Greenland #gitzo #gitzoinspires @gitzoinspires #Nikon #nikkor
from Uummannaq
This expedition in Greenland I filmed a lot from a drone. It's spectacular to see icebergs from above, to enjoy whales' dance under water. I hope to make a short film about our arctic adventures soon. #Greenland
from Uummannaq
I've just finished sailing expedition to north-west Greenland. I wished to get to Baffin island this year, but due to cold winter there was enormous amount of ice blocking the Baffin sea. So we decided to explore north of Greenland. And we didn't regret. Wonderful mountains, crazy icebergs in midnight sun rolling infinitely over horizon. Stay tuned for updates from the current expedition! One shot with #Nikon #d810 + #nikkor 14-24, #lucroit polarizer #Greenland
from Ilulissat
That's unbeliavable how different water could be. During our sailing adventures in Greenland we experienced everything from storms to calm mirror-like water. The Arctic is usually calm in summer. Water is dark and feels like cold liquid metal... #Greenland #Arctic
Currently I'm sailing in Greenland. This summer we are exploring the Baffin island and West coast of Greenland. Here we used our zodiac boat to photograph yacht from aside, while approaching the Uummannaq island. #Greenland #Uummannaq
Tuscany is not only rolling hills with cypress trees. It has rich history and magical little villages. That's Sorano, etrusc town. Half-abandoned, it hosts secret corners filled with textures, doors and cats :) #Tuscany #Italy #Sorano
I love Tuscany very much. Mostly for the harmony you feel here. Harmony in landscape, composition and light. If people ask me what is the most suitable workshop to choose for the beginner to learn from me - I name Tuscany. Join this autumn, to enjoy Tuscany harmony and learn my techniques in-fields and post-processing. Itinerary is available at #Tuscany #Italy #ValDOrcia
Two-row panorama from Plitvice lakes in Croatia. I have a funny story about my first visit to this place. I didn't know that the park is closing for the night, and closing before sunset. Obviously I intend to stay here: it's almost impossible to photograph here among daytime crowds. So be it. I decided to stay and sleep on the bench. The plan worked pretty well! All crowds dissapeared and I remained alone until dark. But what was my surprise when I realized that there are hundreds of mice running below the bench! My poor backpack was almost torn in pieces that night... Tell your funny story from photography life in comments :) #Croatia #Plitvice #Plitvicelakes
Middle of the summer is time for wildflowers to bloom. I took this shot in Russian North, at Kenozero national park. There are wooden churches preserved from long ago. To get to this particular spot we found a boat in the village and reached the remote island. A village at the island was abonded long time ago, just the church remains among the infinite fields of colorful summer flowers. #Russia #Kenozero #RussianNorth
I recall this moment very clearly: I stood up above the ocean of clouds on the top of Segla mountain with incredible views all around me. Norway is amazing. #Norway #ILoveNorway #Senja
I'm happy to announce my 2018 Patagonia photo workshops. Itinerary is available now at DanielKordan.comPatagonia is high on my top list among destinations for landscape photography. I took this shot at Pehoe lake during my first visit to Torres del Paine national park. Can you imagine that this is just a lake? Strong winds blow ocean-like waves. During this weather the water becomes deep emerald. If you use polarizer (cpl filter) then you can even enhance the color naturally. #Chile #Patagonia #TorresdelPaine
Many people know about Lofoten islands these days, but just a few heard about small gems like Vaeroy. You can get here by helicopter or ferry. Short hike - and you are on top of the world! Btw, have you mentioned the small boat in the left corner? To feel the scale of this landscape... #Norway #Lofoten #vaeroy