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If anyone's going to buy me flowers can you make sure they're dogs?
Role model for little girls, but doesn't wear pants. #modernminnie
Rain walks suck. 😫
Monday got me like
Waiting for mum to hurry up and feed the neighbour's cats #traitor
Why can't I have a beach bod this good? 😢
Stripes on stripes. #nextfashiontrend Digby and Alo are wearing @mrsofttop and @kmartaus
The dog flower: sniff it and get licked.
When the barber starts cutting before you even tell him what you wanted. @andispets
Nature works with the best boys. 😍
Saturday coffee at @egmontst.eatery! Love you fam 👍#wheresalo
We found a nature and stood on it.
When you start getting dressed but then you realise you don't actually want to go to work.
When you get to the party and some bitch is wearing the same outfit. #gohomeandchangekaren
Me, after someone asks me to get out of bed in the morning.
When you've just eaten a donut but someone offers you pizza. #bestdayever
Making pals with the seals at #redrocks! #sundaystroll
from Red Rocks
When you're doing a no carb diet but you still want peanut butter for breakfast.