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Look at us now, fucking freakshow#dankmemes #comedy
Me and my big sis
When your friend says she cute and you meet her in person#dankmemes
When your sitting at your house chilling with some Chips and this song blasting through the speakers
How you look on your first date
Why!!!!!! I almost had it#dankmemes
I really wish this was my car
I love this photo man. I remember back then when I was 12, I was a happy kid with a group table full of friends and my two cousins and two nephews. Now it's just boring as hell, the people suck at my school, and I'm a depressed asshole. My life is hanging by a thread.
What the bathrooms look like in my school and oh bye the way the didn't flush the fucking toilet. Asshole
2 days of drawing and it looks perfect, that's a wrap.
Killer is eating a grape
Oh my god man
😐we all have to wait and see
What's the hodge twins doing?#hodgetwins #comedy