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Sunny Sunday walk
Thank you for your help, love and encouragement. Thank you for being there in times of need, even when I'm so far away. Thank you for the protection and guidance you give. #happymothersday
I finally decided to crack open the 2016 jar to see how the year went! Although 2016 wasn't a great year, it's so easy to lose the best memories in so much negativity. I don't think I've laughed, smiled and cringed so much 😂 Thank you to everyone who made 2016 for me, good and bad. #tadlate
Daze IV by Antony Gormely Day trip to Cambridge
from Eaton Park
Burberry x Henry Moore A beautiful exhibition celebrating the creativity of the iconic sculpture Henry Moore
Burberry x Henry Moore
Henry Moore Burberry x Henry Moore
Words cannot describe how beautiful this film is #lalaland
Acrylic on cartridge paper by Zaha Hadid
A beautiful sketch by the Late and Great Zaha Hadid #architecture
London at #night 🌃
from Millbank