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🎵Amy, Amy, Amy🎵 Amy-Blue - Marlene Dumas
A collaboration between #chrisofili and Dovecot Tapestry Studio to turn Ofili's water colour design to a stunning tapestry
Colour Catcher - Hella Jongerius #designmuseum #breathingcolour
Serpentine Pavilion 2017 by @kerearchitecture A beautiful structure celebrating the tree in his native hometown Gando in Burkina Faso. Still need to see the Pavilion when it rains! #serpentinepavilion #architecture
The Ambassadors - Hans Holbein One of my favourite paintings.
An Improvisation - Larry Bell
from White Cube
LVF 16 (left) & LNVF 2 (right) - Larry Bell
from White Cube
La caida del humo - Jürgen Partenheimer
from White Cube
Drawn from Life - Marc Quinn
399 Days - Rachel Kneebone
Check out my architecture/ art insta blog, @drucilla__boakye I'll be posting more of my uni work and random sketches!
Sunny Sunday walk
Thank you for your help, love and encouragement. Thank you for being there in times of need, even when I'm so far away. Thank you for the protection and guidance you give. #happymothersday
I finally decided to crack open the 2016 jar to see how the year went! Although 2016 wasn't a great year, it's so easy to lose the best memories in so much negativity. I don't think I've laughed, smiled and cringed so much 😂 Thank you to everyone who made 2016 for me, good and bad. #tadlate