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Low quality picture with some high quality girls 🌌
Secretly I'm quite lonely.
Statistically it's said that the average teenage girl starts feeling anxiety about their looks around the ages of nine or ten. My self-consciousness started in 4th grade. I would happily snack on some junk food and then look down at my stomach and the multiple rolls that lined it. I wanted those rolls to go away, and I hoped that by the time I was older they would. In 7th grade I worsened. I remember watching the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (BIG MISTAKE) and wanting to be one of those happy beautiful angels. That's when I started exercising excessively. I wouldn't eat a chip without doing a crunch. When I was forced to eat food I would throw it up the minute no one was looking. In high school, I stopped doing these bad things. Because I just stopped eating all together. I wouldn't need to throw something up if I had nothing in my stomach to get rid of. When I get in my low moments, I repeat this action. It's a force of habit. Because no matter how much I try, I am never satisfied with the body that I have. And I allow myself to think that I'm not beautiful and that I need to change. But by posting this, I'm acknowledging that I have a problem and I want to prevent other people from having this struggle too. In our own ways, we are all very beautiful. We need to learn to love not only our body weight but also our skin tones, the texture of our hair, and every "blemish" in between. Never doubt you're own beauty and you're own self-worth. And if anyone makes you doubt yourself, I just want to let you know that you are beautiful. And remember: "The vehicle made of flesh that we are in does not control us. We control them."
"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." 🗽 And when they ask us in 20, 30 years what were we doing during the European Refugee Crisis, our response will be nothing because of the dictator we chose to be our president.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARQUS 🎉 (Coincidentally he's not in the picture.)
Every girl I met tonight complimented me on my outfit. Meanwhile, one guy told me that I need to respect myself more.
Get you an ex who plays gigs in really cool venues like this
from Reggies
"And since we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman and our game from a woman ... I wonder why we take from our women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women?"
April 1, 2016 7:08 a.m. | #notmypresident
**Deleting later** These are two pictures of myself taken seven months apart 🙈. I would love to say," the girl on the right is so much happier with herself" but really that's not true. I, like many others in this world, suffer from body dysphoria which basically means that I obsess and focus on flaws in my appearance. For me, this means that I've spent many unfortunate hours of my life telling myself that I'm not good enough. I critique my hair, skin, and most importantly my weight. I've always felt like it was "too" big. I felt like a monster in my own skin. I can go days without eating anything and sometimes even after I do eat I'll throw it up later when no one is around. I even progressed to taking weight loss supplements to accelerate my metabolism. I wanted to be thin, fit, and curvy, and I was willing to do anything to for it. So many times I've stopped myself from eating something that I want because I tell myself I'm not good enough. I tell myself I'm not perfect and I don't deserve it. Honestly, I even did that last night. I'm not posting this pic for sympathy or to garner likes. I just want to remind everyone out there on this social media bubble that is okay to not be perfect and to remind you to love yourself. Nobody's perfect and it's useless to waste your life vying for perfection that will never be achieved. Instead you have to learn to love yourself for who you are. By posting this pic, I'm taking the first step to trying to do that. I know it'll be hard but it's the least I can do. And remember: "The vehicle made of flesh that we are in does not control us. We control them."
I would start @ing people but I'm not that petty
Me showing up in your dreams like...
And don't you forget it 😉
Have fun putting up with me this year 😛
A sonnet by Nora Gilliam
Three Christmases ago I got the best gift a girl could ever ask for. A baby to call my own ❤️ • Painting: @liv.sencion