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Just another picture with "buddy" because we're finally high school grads ❗️
Okay now ladiesss you know you baddd 🍑
Amoremio ❤️
from Navy Pier
This is a candid photo of Ginnai telling me my breath smelled bad. Gotta love sisters 😫❤️
Hey "buddy" you look hella fly
Imo best dressed goes to @aileenbahr she looked like a goddess
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERENA!! Ti amo ❤️ @_viviserena_
Shoutout to my fabulous sisters.
I'm so very happy to have met you. Ciao Riccardo ❤️
My brother is going to prom 😭❤️
Why is my younger brother taller than me
Family photo! Mi manca l'Italia 📷: @draculice
Yea it's a shitty picture but I just had to take a second to say that I very much love and hate this piece of shit
Everyone was posting pictures of their dogs. Where was I?
But just don't you feel too bad when you get fooled by smiling faces
And behind that black blob that is myself is one of the most famous artworks in history. I'm still speechless...
I should have posted a picture of myself in Florence but...
I'm smiling because it's 60 degrees and sunny here and not 20 degrees and snowing