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Alex McCord that's who
I AM NOT WELL #oscars
Why am I not sitting next to Taraji P Henson at the #oscars right now?!
Guys, is Lin Manuel Miranda's mom the cutest person you've ever seen or WHAT? #Oscars #ERedCarpet
Jackie Chan hasn't been this cool since Rush Hour 3 #ERedCarpet #Oscars
Do you think Ryan Seacrest is a vodka or a tequila guy? #Oscars #ERedCarpet
Ugh. First rule of @uber_nyc is CHECK THE LICENSE PLATE!!!!!
Today I am partnering up with @ENews to bring you the craziest moments from the #ERedCarpet SO stay tuned!
All my socks, remotes, hair ties and clips. RIP (@teamnobadtimes)
Don't ever ask me to hold an elevator for you. It's not going to happen
If you don't tag me in three memes a day we aren't real friends (@fvckyoumeme)
Life is basically one big lose lose situation
DJ Khaled is kind of like getting your period. You know it's coming but you never expect it (@THELADBIBLE)