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lol what kinda name is Esma tho
How about the chick who ate her husbands ashes?
Well thanks to @stagecoach I think I've had enough fun for the rest of the year. I AM DEAD
This is better than what I would do at career day.
I don't get this meme. It is!!??
@boywithnojob ???
I can't relate to this because I've never eaten kale
Ramono you didn't!
From the bathhhhhhhh
@boywithnojob how much do you relate to this
PERO LIKE WHY? (@tank.sinatra)
Guess she is loyal ➡️➡️➡️ @girlwithnojob
I like how he has a tip box too lol @uber_nyc
Being fiscally responsible is sofa king lit!!!!
Omg only at Walmart ➡️➡️ @girlwithnojob
Happy April 25th! Are you wearing a light jacket?
This kid is 6 years old but looks like a disappointed father.