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Just a little bedside's easy to get a cluttered bedside table but by leaning the books on a candle and keeping the rest of the clutter to a minimum it can look styled and be useful at the same time! 📷 by @jenniferwetzelphoto
This was one of my favorite shots from styling open shelving with @mybreezyroom. It shows that even unexpected photos and a touch of greenery can bring interest to a kitchen shelf! 📷by @mybreezyroom
#FlatLayFriday Love this saying...It's not work if you love what you're doing! I'm very excited about some of the new projects coming up! I'm so close to updating my website with new portfolio pics which I'll be sharing soon and I'm also in the middle of some fun projects that I can't wait to get pics of!
@mybreezyroom and I are going live on Facebook around 1:00 today to go over tips on styling open shelving. We'd love to see you there!
Another sneak peak! Im obsessed with this bench in the lovely entranceway of my client's beautiful home @amykowalskigallawa 📷by @radiantphotographykc Finished pictures and update to the website coming soon!!!
Working off of this Hamptons style mood board for my amazing client @sharris_aprn. I can't wait to tie this into the beautiful upgrades in their home.
A sneak peak from our photo shoot at @amykowalskigallawa beautiful home 📷by @radiantphotographykc. I enjoyed the challenge of styling and tying the eclectic mix of patterns and colors together that were previously there thanks to work by @studio_oreilly. We're still in the editing phase but I was so excited to share this beauty! More pics to come and I'll let you know when they're added to our website to check more out!
#FlatLayFriday It finally feels like spring and the spring showers have gotten me in the mood for hot tea, candles and flowers!
Thanks for the pic @mybreezyroom! I love to mix unexpected makes the design much more interesting!
I love all of the KC stores in the area...I stopped in @madeinkc_ and as always found a few gems!
Thanks for the pic @cupofcaden your house is looking beautiful! Billy's @intrinsic_designkc custom made farmhouse table fits perfectly in your space!
So I went ahead and used up the rest of my sample #tricornblack before I buy exterior paint for a final coat. I'm happy with the contrast and bold statement.
#FlatLayFriday As mind boggling as it is to pick a white paint color, it's just as hard to choose a black paint! I'm on the search for the perfect black paint color for my front door and shutters. I've tried (and liked) @sherwinwilliams #tricornblack but I want to weigh out my options. Do you have a go-to black paint?!
New lamp love! Again, the white walls accent everything!! I'm sold that it's the best wall color choice.
#FlatLayFriday Finding art and patterns that speak to you are a part of turning your house into a meaningful home! My goal is to introduce styling ideas that a client may not think of and teach them to think outside the box when it comes to accessorizing. I love drawing up a design to narrow down their style but leaving the accessorizing to the client to show their true personality in their own home.
I am so excited to see how the photos from @radiantphotographykc turn out of my client's @amykowalskigallawa house! This project has been so fun and the photo shoot went great. I'll share a sneak peak when they're done but you'll have to head to our website to see them all!
Thanks for the pic @mybreezyroom! I can't wait to get to work with you on new style projects and watch our ideas come together!