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"I wonder what would happen if I baked gummy worms into a cupcake."
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Throwback to that time in Seattle when I decided to eat healthy and had fruit and hole foods for breakfast.
See previous post for caption.😝
I'll stop the world and melt with you.
Take it from someone who loves sugar, these @heavenlyorganics honey patties are amazing. And since they're gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and have no added sugar, even my high maintenance sister can have them! (As if I'm going to share😆)
Hakuna frittata It's actually a garlic rosemary dutch baby, but they're both eggy things in a pan.🍳 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Going for a walk because I want to stay healthy. Taking along a doughnut, because lets be honest here.
Hobbies include not sharing my dessert and recreating overrated foods from semi famous restaurants in New York. I wonder if DŌ would notice if I tagged them...🤔
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Don't be downie, have a brownie. A brownie cupcake filled with pb.
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This is my favorite kind of crudités. There may not be any raw vegetables, but the cookie dough dip is raw, so...
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The only man worth chasing this summer is the ice cream man.🍦🍪
Always running outside with a handful of baked goods to take pictures. Chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars.
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I live everyday like it's #nationalcupcakeloversday
#throwbackmonday in honor of #nationalpeanutbuttercookieday
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What's the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes? My pizza jokes can't be topped.
Why did the donut go to the dentist? To get a filling.