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Another meal made with @proper_tasty Yummyyyyyyyy!
#christmas #hungry
There is no christmas without good old jazz
Not trying to look cool at all.
My debut on a big stage! #theatre #anniversary
1hour break in uni feels like 3sec break... 😭 #actor #theatre
Having a few laughs on rehearsal. ✌😄
After all day of chillin' it's time to chill.
First attempt at making macaroni casserole 😊
Dogs grow so fast these days 😄😊😁
Finally - snoooow 😁 #winter #leatherjacket
Back to 1960's I guess.
Shooting can be very dangerous guys. I hope that i will be able to walk soon. Having a bullet in your leg hurts like hell.
My brother...
It was a gooooooood lunch :3
Another great day! Tactical shooting with Tactical Bushido.
Feeling like a god damn gangster. #beastmode #activate
Yaaay home made sushi :3