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As a send off to my Sun Country shots I have posted an epic Steller over at @StellerStories , if you don't have the Steller app you are cray! It reminds me of early Instagram with great content and an awesome community. (Not that Instagram doesn't have those things, Steller is just not as big and crazy haha) The link to my story is in my profile but you can also look me up on the platform with the same username. I literally have a story for every trip I've done for three years, all the goodness in one place. Check it out. Xx Thanks @VisitSunCountry , I loved it! 🌞💫🌟💛
I've already posted a funny shot of the stars where a passing car caused some gnarly flare and this is the big girl shot I was actually trying to get. The night skies out in Sun Country have to be seen to be believed. A million twinkling stars as far as the eye can see. 🌟✨⭐️💫 @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
Don't you hate it when you do something really awesome and you can't really get a photo of it to portray how awesome it was? Well that happens to me a lot and sometimes I decide to share a shot anyway just to tell you all about it! This was from my cruise on the Murray with Kingfisher Cruises, one of the many great operators in the Sun Country. There is a huge amount of bird life on show and the best bird to spot is the Kingfisher. We saw a few but I was never close enough to get a good photo. Haha. So in this case I've decided to share this photo of cockatoos and you'll just have to believe me that Kingfisher Cruisers in Barmah is awesome. @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry 💛💛💛
Good morning! So I finally finished editing my shots from Sun Country and I had a few in there that came out better than I expected! This was sunset at Lake Mulwala, which was a difficult perspective to find from where we were staying in Yarrawonga. Basically we drove around the lake until we found a place that faced to the west and then we drove up to a farm house and I asked the farmer if we could take photos from his property. It was actually pretty hilarious because Matt told me to be careful of farm dogs as I went to the house and within seconds the most affectionate and friendly dog I've ever met in my life came flying around the corner and demanded love and pats right up until we left. And the farmer said yes! 🎉🎉 @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
Because this scene was too good to share just one shot! This was our morning spent at Dufties Beach one, a bit of a locals secret this one and my personal fave of the many beaches we visited in Sun Country. Also it's so weird that these are inland beaches. Haha. Imagine waking up camping here?! @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
How long has it been since you've kicked off your shoes, sat with some friends and fed bread to ducks over a conversation? For me it was last week, and what a wonderful feeling it was. I'm not sure if you've noticed but our trip to the Sun Country was actually incredible and filled with photogenic moments. I feel like we almost hit camera burn out by this afternoon and the few shots I got were almost an afterthought as I was too in-the-moment to worry. In my job it's really important to take photos that portray the beauty, diversity and character of a destination but it's also important to find the time to connect. Connect to the place, the spirit of the place, and to connect with yourself and the people you're traveling with. This part of Australia is under my skin and I hope that some of you do get the chance to experience the wonder, beauty and solitude of the Murray. @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
I so rarely post little shots like these on Instagram anymore but I used to love detailed shots, flowers and back light so I thought I'll do it! Haha. This is another one from Cactus Country and I'm still sorting out my shots from this incredible place. Also, @jewelszee just posted the most hilarious selfie of us there if you want to check it out. I'm wearing a Mexican sombrero. 😂😂 Sun Country is the last place in the world I expected to find a world class cactus garden but there you go. I love rural Australia! 😍😍😍 @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry 🌵🌏🌮
Can I just say, on the record, that Australia has the coolest and weirdest animals in the world! I know that I see kangaroos and koalas a lot but literally every time I stop and spin out. Haha. Like, they literally hop. If I were not Australian and I saw this I would probably laugh my ass off. Sun Country has a huge amount of wildlife, not just kangaroos but koalas, wallabies, other Aussie natives and more birds than I've seen in my life! Seeing animals in the wild versus seeing them in sanctuaries is a completely different experience. As you all know I have a lot of Aussie wildlife sanctuaries that I support and visit but this is important, to see animals in their natural environment. We spotted this guy on our way to Bouchiers Beach, where we also saw a koala! @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
Occasionally I do take photos of people that aren't Jewels and this is my favorite shot of the incredibly talented and humble all-around awesome Matt who offered to stand in this shot rather than shoot it himself. Put it this way, I wasn't offering any such thing. Haha. I shot this in the Sun Country and you can see that signature golden country light! This is the same driveway from the now infamous Jewels shot only ten minutes earlier before the light intensified, dust free and super compressed shot with the Olympus 40-150 lens. Thanks for all the love on my last post too, going to catch up on comments now! 😘😘❤️ @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
Like so many of my Instagram posts this one has a story behind it! Haha. Sorry for those just here for the piccies ... We had checked out this spot for a sunset shoot but ended up miles away on some random farm (we asked permission of course) and although the light was better at the random farm the composition was better here. Determined to shoot this view of Lake Mulwala we headed out at dawn the next day but were stymied by thick cloud. Thankfully we had Matt in the car and he called it when we had this two minute window of opportunity. Not too long after we shot this photo the color was completely faded and another photographer arrived for 'sunrise', we didn't have the heart to tell her what she had missed. 😂😂 @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
I am interrupting my regular scheduling to announce the theme for Destination Gold Coast's fourth week of competition, which kicked off on Friday! Only two weeks to go after this! The theme is: Local Love – A local you know and love that you think deserves a little spotlighting. It could be a charity, a sportsman, a businessperson, a volunteer or just an everyday local who has been there for you, or for the community. Share the local love. I've chosen to photograph my favorite local and best friend @Jewelszee . Without telling her why I asked her to don a crown made of crystals (Crystal Eclipse Crowns), light smoke bombs and dance around the woods in a dress. She barely questioned me and much hilarity ensued! I've decided to post an outtake from the shoot because this sums up Jewels to me. She is fiercely talented but prefers to sit under the radar, the most loyal and generous woman I know and someone who feels everything with burning intensity; good and bad. I am thankful everyday for the circumstances that put Jewels in my life and she shares a little bit of her magic on Instagram each day, we are all lucky to have her! What's your entry? @DestinationGoldCoast #WeAreGoldCoast
In case you've ever wondered what it looks like if your Astro photography is interrupted by passing car headlights, now you know. It looks kind of like a UFO doesn't it?! Loving those clear skies in the Sun Country. 😍😍 @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
You all know that I can't resist a good reflection and this particular morning on Dufties Beach One delivered in spades. The best thing about being in the country is that people are amazing! We actually didn't know about this beach but our host at Tokemata Retreat told us about it and offered to show us the way for a sunrise. Then they let us come and check out the harvest at their farm, grape picking for wine. 🍇🍇🍷 Moral of the story? Accept kindness from all that you meet when you come to Sun Country Victoria. 🌞👍🏻🙋🏼😍 @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
Everyone say hi to Tambo the blue eyed horse! I absolutely had to share a shot of this experience, even though we were riding in the middle of the day and the light was not ideal for photography haha. This is an example of a tourism operator that just gets it and bends over backwards to make people happy, in fact most people out here in Sun Country share that attitude. We took a leisurely meander through the Barmah National Park with Billabong Ranch Adventure Park and Trail Rides and they get my thumbs up. Sun Country is a region that screams to be seen on horseback, especially on the back of a gorgeous boy like Tambo here. Goodnight everyone. XX @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
I bet you never expected to find teepee's at a place called Wakiti Creek Resort close to Barmah National Park in Sun Country Australia? (Wow, that's a mouthful!) Well, neither did I! I arrived in the area straight after my international travels with more than a touch of jet lag and I was greeted with this haven! Not only did we have quiet and comfortable lodgings here but the owners also offered to make us dinner after a long travel day and I think it was one of my favorite meals ever! Hearty home cooking at dusk overlooking teepee's in country Australia, what a trip this job is. Oh, and dessert was literally a sticky mess of banana, sugar, butter, marshmallows and chocolate wrapped in aluminum foil that had to be thoroughly licked to get all the good stuff. 🍌🍫👅 @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
Hi, my name is Lauren Bath and I'm a lone tree addict. 🙋🏼 This is not even a good lone tree compared to some of my other shots but I still want to share it because I just love that golden delicious country light! Does anyone know any hip lone tree hashtags these days? 😂😂 @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
So far I've shared a few reasons as to why everyone needs to visit Sun Country on the Murray but there are more to come! If pristine sandy river beaches, the best cake I've ever eaten in my life and epic country light haven't convinced you then how about this ... Cactus Country! 🌵 Confused? Let me explain. Out here in Strathmerton is a portal to Mexico, literally Mexico!! (Well okay, not literally 😂😂) Cactus Country has the potential to be the next big Instagram trend in Australia and it is already attracting models, influencers, photographers, musicians, TV shows and other creatives. We spent three hours here taking photographs and didn't even get through a fraction of the grounds. Plus there is a table full of sombreros to wear, succulents and cactus for sale, cactus products to take home and a cafe serving cactus cake, cactus ice cream and Mexican delights! We literally couldn't believe this place. Go here! @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
How to even beat yesterday mornings post? Can't do it! Lol. What I can do is tell you about one of the most exciting foodie discoveries I've made in Australia - 'Cafe 3641' in Strathmerton! 😍😍 I had never even heard of it and yet they host sell out High Tea each month and people fly from all over the world just to eat here! We were looking for somewhere for breakfast and found this place randomly on Trip Advisor. Jewels and I sent Matt in to check the menu and he came back and said they don't have a breakfast menu, it's just cakes and stuff. 😂🍰🍪🍓 Well, never send a man to do a woman's job! We decided to stay because starving and the place is exceptional! Great coffee, hand made food each day using locally sourced and seasonal products and the best lemon meringue, the best CAKE, I've ever eaten. (Although Seasonal Garden Cafe in Hahndorf is a close second) Hopefully I'll give you lots of reasons to want to go and visit the Murray but this is up in the top 5 reasons! Coming from an ex-chef and foodie. @VisitSunCountry #VisitSunCountry
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