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Taken in Victory Casino Cruises

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Always a ball with my #brotherfromanothermother. We took the queens down for a night at the tables to celebrate our birthdays. #America #beermebro #upgrades #winning #blackjack #gambling #casinocruise #juneboys #wheresdave #blackeyesnevergoaway
Cruisin through life with my best friend 💖😎
Feeling pretty blue today because I'm $100 poorer
How lucky did I get 😍❤️
Thinking about my next Bacardi pitcher
Victory Cruise, leaving port with dolphins on the bow. @peacockpurple @surfinbeaver @court_hancock
Girls and their cruises 🎉🥂
A boat ride with lots of alcohol and lots of secondhand smoke to kill my lungs! :-)
Casino cruisin' with my mans 🤑♥️