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Getting chesty--hanging out here SUCKS! Must. Stay. LONGER 😩🙈 Legs: @michi_ny
"Colors of the world! Spice up your life!" #spiceworld #equinoxmademewerq
🍑BOOTY BUILDER COCKTAIL #1 🍑 __ First off, I gotta credit @bretcontreras1 for the high step up variation which I've recently been using in my programming. Super fun if you can grab a partner 👬👫 to assist you on them to make the tempo faster! ___ So what makes these exercises (movements) so great for building the booty? The common denominator amongst all these exercises is that they train (end) with hip extension. The prime mover in hip extension is the glute max (the big muscle that makes your booty perky and tight).🙌🏽 ___ 1️⃣ Squats: one thing to understand about this movement -- you DO NOT have to use BARBELL to perform them. Use body weight, kettlebells, dumbbells, or resistance bands. 🕺🏻Variations: goblet squats, front squats, sumo squats, split squats, cossack squats, zercher squat, or pistol squat. 2️⃣RDL (Romanian Deadlifts): bend and snap! Feel that stretch in those hamstrings and glutes (lower the weight slowly and controlled 3-4 seconds and squeeze that booty hard!). Use the same equipment variations for these as well. Get good at a wall Hip hinge tap and progress from there. 3️⃣ HIP THRUST: these will scorch your glutes towards middle to end of your training session! Keep the shins vertical and extend the hips fully to SNAP THOSE GLUTES TIGHTLY! Get good mechanics and movement by starting with body weight and progress to a dumbbell or kettlebell.🙂 4️⃣High Step-Ups: saving the best supplement for last! Start slow with these and get good at 3x20 before adding dumbbells(weight) to the movement. Focus on letting the lead leg move all the weight and try not to compensate with the off leg. Feel your glute contracting and extending the hip joint through a full range for MAXIMAL BOOTY GAINS! ___ Questions? Comment or DM me! Stay tuned for the next booty builder cocktail.😉🍹 ___ #personaltrainer #coach #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #training #fitness #fitnesscoach #fitfam #glutes #bootybootybooty #bootyfordays #legs #strength #strong #bodybuilding #newyork #nyc #committosomething #equinox #instafit
Blast that booty with Barbell loaded #glutebridge Some things to keep in mind 🤔 ✔️Start in a posterior pelvic tilt ✔️tuck your chin ✔️full hip extension at the top and squeeze your glutes ✔️spread those knees out ✔️bench or box at the mid back ✔️vertical shins
3 more days to Sign up for the BRAIN BODY International Fitness Certification "SUPER BODY SUPER BRAIN" in Singapore 🇸🇬 approved by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and Athletics and Fitness Association of America - AFAA Educational Specialists SBSB Master Singapore 🇸🇬 Kelvin Toh SBSB Master India 🇮🇳 Devimeena Sundaram leader of ten international certifications Thank you Teng Eng Eng Neil Thompson Anu Raja INSTRUCTION COURSE: PROGRAM CONTENTS Level 1 and Level 2 SBSB Personal Training- Reduced Groups SBSB High Intensity Interval Training Foreword by Neurobiologist and Brain Body Expert: John Martin, PhD Columbia University Frequently Asked Questions Super Body, Super Brain how it was born: Introduction, origin, development, medical endorsements Super Body Super Brain Institutional presentation (Digital material) Marrying Fitness and Neuroscience for better physical and mental results Brain Body connection: Neuromuscular Training Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis, Biogenesis and Super Body Super Brain Biomechanics of movement: Different planes of Movement Anatomical joint movement Skeletal system, Muscular system anatomy, Joint and soft tissue structure Fascia System Personal Training in Super Body, Super Brain Components and Applicability of the Program Heart Rate Set up and Super Body, Super Brain Test Program- Progressive Levels Level 1: The Owl Level 2: The Hawk Metabolic Training Super Body, Super Brain Instructional course: fun class! (Digital material) Applicability for Adults, Weight Loss, Children and Senior Population SBSB HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Online Training: How to use the Online platform with clients Templates Summary and business opportunities Material provided: SBSB Presentation (Digital), Manual (Hard Copy), DVDs, Bibliography, Physiology Studies and Online Access For more information and to reserve your spot you need to contact Michael directly at #superbodysuperbrain #nfc #ufc #wbffasia #wbffaustralia #bodybuilding #train #personaltraining #personaltrainercertification #wbff #personaltrainersingapore #singapore #ideafit #nasm #acsm #afaa #email #brand
One more from the Howard Street block party!!
Hiiieeeeee from me and @stephenkentjohnson
Well hello there! 😅🐻😅 #sweatIsFatCrying
Oh really? Is it that bad to train with me?! 💁🏽🤷🏽‍♀️ #nopainnogain #trainer #equinox #nyc
As a chipmunk moonlighting as a Dogwalker, it recently came to my attention that a terrible beast, the diamond-fanged bunny, was terrorizing the entire animal community. I prepared my back for battle by doing these key stretches, which were also designed to hypnotize and ensnare the bunny. Alas, it was all for not, as I was viciously attacked by the psychopathic hopper and am writing from the other side (shown at the end of this documentary). At least I saved the spiders, though. Forever the spiders.
Love this style! Slightly 50s with the shirt and slim pants but also sporty with the skateboard and sneakers. This would be one of those images that , if I were a designer, I would pinup on an inspiration board. Do me a favor and look at it on Stories, the proportion of the image just fits better on stories.
Late night workout ❤️ #equinox #workout #stretching #stayingfit
Gym done !!! #nofilter #beard #barbie #gayassfuck #thirstybitches #thisis42 #hashtag
Get with the program. Success doesn't wait around for you to come knocking on it's door 🚪 #Equinox #NYC #WestVillage #GoalsAF #NoPainNoGains 🏋🏽💪🏼
Sweaty gym selfie 💪🏼🤳 #gymlife #trainhard #fitnessmotivation
#committosomething 26.9% BF ➡️ 6% BF on my last real cut. #7month journey - #trusttheprocess This was done through: ☑️Intermittent Fasting ☑️Macronutrient Tracking ☑️Customized Program Design ☑️ Accountability and Grit Looking to drop BF? #trainwithme