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Let's all take a second & appreciate how cute this puppy is❤️❤️❤️
Rilee shipped out today for Navy boot camp & it was definitely emotional. She's always having crazy adventures but this one tops them all & I'm so happy for her💛💛💛
Happy Mother's Day to my twin💛
Obsessed with my @sand_cloud necklace😻 #savethefishies
My weekend>
All I'm trying to do this summer is go to country concerts♥️
Guys look it's my cute friend Emily💛 #whyamisowhite
When those ears bounce up😍😂
The cutest dog in the whole wide world just so happens to be mine?!😍🐶
Not to brag, but I think we're really cute😋
Merry Christmas ❤ yours truly
Merry Christmas! 🎄❤❄🎁
It's 2 am on December 11 which means it's this hot mommas birthday!! So here's a video of a horse following us around in Idaho😂👭🎊🎈 @jessicaneumeyer_