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Yesterday we lost the closest man to a grandfather figure I've had in my life. I loved Lenny like family. He filled a gap in my life that I never thought would be filled. He was a gentleman in every sense of the word. I loved holding his hand and telling him I hope I find someone that treats me the way he treats Lorraine. I just loved being around him, his smile was contagious. Until my grandma found Lenny I had never seen such a look of happiness in her eyes. When they looked at each other you could feel the amount of love they shared. Their relationship exemplified how love can come in mysterious ways. The two of them gave so many people hope in love. I remember how giddy she got when she talked about him when they first met and I watched their love bloom over the years. I can't find the words to tell my grandma how sorry I am but this is a loss that hits hard for us all. I loved Lenny, we all loved Lenny. Now he rests in our hearts.
If you ever need really good beta let me know
All I need in this life of sin, is me and my Marvin
Need to take a sec to just talk about this earth angel. She is the kindest most talented hard working human I know. Everyday I am so thankful to know her and hug her and have a best friend as dependable and loving as she is. I love her SO much and I am immensely proud and excited about everything she is doing. She is the real deal and that is my shpeal. (P.s. Look at her radiant beauty) #stiffmantensen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY RAY OF SUNSHINE!!!!!!! @kristindon22 I have so much love for you
Gito was dumped out in the sun in a cardboard box. @international_animal_rescue found him and brought him back from the brink of death. It's people like this that keep this planet turning. I am so happy to be fundraising for this amazing organization. Respect every single living thing as you would your family or closest friend. Educate your friends about what's going on in the world and let someone know that even the tiniest effort to help counts. Everyday is earth day.
So thankful I get to call this guy my brother ❤️
When you're sick there's nothing better to do than make your dreams a reality. I'd like to thank the internet, the preview app on my computer, the lasso selection tool, and lastly copy and paste. This wouldn't have been possible without y'all. Oh and of course thank you to all my fans who have supported me from day 1. This is my masterpiece 💙💛
Not a bad place for a nap
Ray of sunshine
Writing his thesis @bellybodon
Poopies everywhere !!
As good as it gets
All of my love for @hadarberkman and the relaunch of @savetheorangutanapparel
WE HAVE RELAUNCHED FOR 11 MORE DAYS!!!!! If you didn't have time to purchase the apparel (hoodie t-shirt or pullover) in the first round do not fret, we are back up! 100% profit goes to @international_animal_rescue The first round raised nearly $1,800 for their Borneo Orangutan Rescue program. I am so unbelievably delighted that everyone helped raise money for this amazing cause. @savetheorangutanapparel