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not sure why this week existed because it was horrible. I need a cuddle buddy, please.
"I would rather not say who I am, and please do not respond back. I go to ( a high school ) I just have a few words I want to say. You are ashamed of me. You are ashamed to be seen around me. You are ashamed for people to know we are friendly towards each other. You are a nice person, but I feel used by you. My advice, as you go on, is not to take people who are nice towards you for granted. Nice people do not come often."- anonymous.
my mood hasn't been the best lately. don't hate me for it. it's just one of those times where I don't have the energy to fix it.
glad to be on this planet :)
"There's a lake they call Lake Michigan. I think I'm really fitting in."
a home away from home :)
spring break ;)
dead or alive.
from Bon Jovi
I know.
not my sticker.
stressed out beyond belief
how puffy can my hair get?
"gonna do what we can do before this night is gone"
it's electric.