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The only documentation I have that this weekend happened
Balled out
Apologies to everyone whacked by my crawfish headband
Honestly 0/10 do not recommend, terrible group
Let's not go this long without seeing each other again plz
"Can you play Highlights" #reuniontour
Sponsored by Four Loko Gold
Just your average ~girlies~ ft James
Catch us never taking the LSAT again
When u make it to 22 and to the next day!! Happy birthday CGunn! đź‘…
from Wingstop
Pretending our last semester doesn't start next week
You know it's a good night when you only take one picture
live colorfully
No one mixes black and navy better
If you think this pic is rough, you should've seen us trying to dance
Hit the books pretty hard last night
"Name a more iconic duo... I'll wait"
#thinkit #thoughtit #thunkit