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@koriecarr : It's like we've just been at a really long summer camp" Gonna miss my buddies 😿
A drinking town with a football problem
The best girlies and friends I love with my whole ❤️
Most likely to bring cheetos to the bar crawl
from The Levee
The only documentation I have that this weekend happened
Balled out
Apologies to everyone whacked by my crawfish headband
Honestly 0/10 do not recommend, terrible group
Let's not go this long without seeing each other again plz
"Can you play Highlights" #reuniontour
Sponsored by Four Loko Gold
Just your average ~girlies~ ft James
Catch us never taking the LSAT again
When u make it to 22 and to the next day!! Happy birthday CGunn! 👅
from Wingstop
Pretending our last semester doesn't start next week
You know it's a good night when you only take one picture
live colorfully
No one mixes black and navy better