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All smiles (because there was no lines) 🎢
It's a pool day everyday ☀️#allsummerlong
It's officially grad party season...congrats Thea ❣️
Eating outside during a heat wave was worth it 😹
from Carmine's
SNF with my 17 year olds 💞
Graduation night could not have felt any better ! #wemadeit ❤️👩‍🎓
Scroll through to see pictures of one of the BEST days of my life !! 🎓🎊 #graduation #classof2017
Cheers to summer 2017 and many more beach days ! 🏖 #lastday
All the hard work and hours put into the tennis team was all worth it in the end ! Thanks to Becca and everyone else for making my senior year one to always remember 💞 #toomanyendings
✌🏼out tennis tan lines...#hopefully
🐝 happy !! #lifeisgood
One last senior picture in honor of my LAST full week of high school 👋🏼 #omg
Scheduled my classes and excited for Fall 2017 📚 #indianauniversitynorthwest
Even though she was the only one who didn't cry over me...this pic was too cute 💞
11 years of Serbian folklore dancing and I've graduated ! These girls have been here since the beginning ! Thank you everyone for the memories, trips, and making me feel so special today ! ❤️ #ittakesafamily
Just because it was the sweetest birthday yet !! 🍭 #18
Looking good on and off the courts 😏 #whatcanisay