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Nike experts, what are those?
Purple Swish.
Go to @pandora now!!! Birthday Boy @DJPremier giving us the ALL education!!
#BraidMyHair (Courtesy of @DrFunkenberry's page)
Best Tuesday Ever.
Blasphemy!!!!! My man Luke from @antibalas posted this earlier ---I'm shivering #Repost @lukeriverside ・・・ What did you find in the garbage today
Listen & follow @TomMorello for wisdom. #Repost @tommorello ・・・ 35 years ago today the great #RandyRhoads passed away. Randy was and is my favorite guitarist. He was a musician's musician but possessed unbelievable rock power and swag.He melded his astonishing technique and classical music influences with great feeling and stirring melody. The kid wrote phenomenal riffs and could flat out JAM without peer. My family, including my son Rhoads, will be rocking out heavily all week to this angel's tunes. If you don't know his work check both solos on "Mr. Crowley" and repent.
Yesterday man in 9 secs I was rendered absolutely speechless---making a silly timeline of my weekend and the hours of work I put in. Saw Esperanza open the crack of her trailer and decided to play around on IG & friggin got mindblown: my hero just sittin all regal and casual---oh it's just #AngelaDavis. I mean I've met everyone & I pretty much think I've kept my cool (come to think of it I *think* I was a blabbing idiot when I first met @Prince--I was NOT ready for this moment!
Day At The Office #Miami
Man. My love for @angelarye knows no limit #Elevators
Thou Shall Have No Other Rock Gods Before Him #ChuckBerry rip
Hey Dad. June 2nd 1937- March 16th 2016
Been a min since TWO albums I dug were released in proximity to each other #Packs by @YourOldDroog & #RosebuddsRevenge by @RocMarcino dog em!!
Wow. Earned myself a @ChefanieNass art piece gem of a vegan carrot cake. Rather amazing. And so needed for those times I have a sweet jones. Thanks Steph!!!!!
Look, most chef's I know be all "meh w accolades" & that's noble and humble. But just for 30 secs am I allowed to happy dance w being a #JamesBeard nom nom nominee for just a sec? Wow man, who knew being a fly on the wall watching others work and gathering life notes would lead to this? ---case y'all head scratching occasionally I write books (working on number 4 "write" now) #SomethingToFoodAbout & #MoMetaBlues & #SoulTrain are available on @amazon. Follow my other IG @questlovesfood (& my radio show too @qls) --7$;8&392'didooskejidijdjriididssmejdiekjsjideojernrrjdxiixjxxucusisj!!!!!!!!!!!! Man this is exciting!!!
Me Now #Mood @Maddow
Dude I haven't cancelled anything and rushed home w the speed of #FatAlbert & them rushing to see #BrownHornet since #Motown25 hey @maddowshow an I come downstairs and watch live? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Not that I'd ever break #Day106...but I'm willing to bet if I were to show up right now at @dominiqueanselkitchen @dominiqueansel I could just pull some unprecedented move like cop a dozen #Cronuts #NoLine. Almost worth considering