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At the game with some frannnsss and @adam.carty ❤️ I gave the ticket scanner a barcode for a shipping label to scan, then my hall and Oates ticket from last September and then another giants ticket that was old before I found my real one. Guess it's time to clean my purse out 😂😂😂 #alittledrunky #woops #imspecial #wealllaughed #threestrikes
from AT&T Park
This soooo was my mom 😂😂😂
Badass vibes #gucci #bebe
I need help! My work has a program where you can get prizes for hard work! I have a bunch of points. Trying to decide between this cute, faux leather Guess backpack since it's so functional and would be awesome for work and adventures in SF vs the Kate Spade purse which can convert into a cross body bag, is real leather, and has 14k hardware. Obviously the Kate Spade bag costs more points but I cannot decide! What does everyone think??! Ps the Kate Spade bag is black, idk why it looks blue in this pic. ❤️❤️❤️
Pretty much 😮
Region 26's leaders (most of them) ❤️ we ended up bowling and playing laser tag after our meeting since our region was one of the only regions to exceed sales goal by 10% during spring break 💪🏻 myself and Deb led the region while the bosses were away to victory!! #sunglasshut #luxuryretail #r26 #truehappiness #ilovemyjob
Had an amazing time at our business meeting today in Santa Rosa #regional. Won a lot of stuff due to performance and donations!! #raybanrounds #oakleyprizm #sunglasshut #awards 😍❤️😎
When your regional meeting ends up ending at a bar/arcade/bowling and you start with some whiskey and mint 😍 #whiskey #bestregion #ilovemyjob #r26 #alchys
from Epicenter
Always good to remember bc this is so true. #erasethedoubt #believeinyourdreams
If your cat knows it's true name, do you even love them?!!!!!! 🐱 #thisissotrue hahahaha
Missing all the wonderful adventures Adam had planned for us over our 4 day weekend. Nobody knows me better than you, thank you for an amazing getaway ❤🎈 @adam.carty #biketrails #nature #beachcruiser #soulmates
Best chocolate cake I've ever had in my entire life! Chocolate cake with a chocolate, rice crispy, and salted caramel frosting 😍😍😍
Rented bikes and went on an awesome bike ride and I almost crashed only 305 times 😂 #cruisin #socal #adventuringeveryday #realrelaxation #bdayweekend #nofilter
Room service breakfast in bed 👌🏻😌#happybirthdaytomeeee
Enjoying the 60 dollar steak that Adam had sent to our room for me while I took a nappy 😴 #birthdayweekend #mmm
That is my ISH for life!!!! #remix
Our favorite pastime ever!! We've come on this day the past 4 years! #timeflies #giantsfansforever #gigantes
from AT&T Park
Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will also be subject to a fee 😂 #nofreetime #dontwasteit #toobusy