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Ran into a member of The Color Purple:the Musical, while downtown today!! @mzzzruth All my Philly fam, this show is coming to Philly in December!! Let me know if y'all want to join!! It's phenomenal!!
I worked a double yesterday so I'm a little late, but better late then never!! I have the passion, but @iamjhud I DEFINITELY NEED to leave the singing to you!! #deliverchallenge
With liberty and justice for all!!
Had to stop past the cemetery to pay respect to World's Best granddad! Can't believe you have been gone nearly 10 years!! Happy Father's Day Pop-Pop!!
@iamjhud is slaying in Australia!!!........but that's nothing new for Bosslady!!!
There's no team like TEAMJHUD!!! ~JHUD fan 4 Life
Powerhouse!!! "I want y'all to see I'm singing this shit for real!" ~Jennifer Hudson #pittsburghpride #jenniferhudson
From Philly to Pittsburgh!!! Team JHUD
Another year of life and another opportunity to twin my fav @iamjhud Love this outfit!! (SWIPE) Thanking God for 24 years of life!! ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! Jhud fan 4 life!
Tbt! This is one of my favorite memories from college! Guess who's in the Eagle suit! Hanging with the Phillies for mascot day in 2011! @easternuniversity
Of course, I had to rep team Jhud today!! It the release day of Jennifer's Hudson's phenomenal new movie Sandy Wexler!! Make sure to check it out this weekend on Netflix!! Shout out to @sincerelylogan_ too!! I saw you!! Jhud fan 4 life
My mom and I had too much fun at the art museum!! I don't mind being a tourist in my own city. Lol. P.s. My first multiple pic collage.
My night in a nutshell!! More pictures coming soon!! 5 star day!
Screaming CONGRATULATIONS to @iamjhud and the cast of the Color Purple!! Tonight, Jhud won her 2nd Grammy!!! I am so grateful that I got to witness the magic that she brought to Shug Avery!!! JHUD FAN 4 LIFE!!!!
Look at my fav slay!! Hair, Make, Outfit, Boots, attitude, YAS, YASS, and YAAASSSS!!! You are killing it Jhud!! ~JHUD Fan 4 Life
Super Bowl LI!!!!!!! The worse part about the Super Bowl, is that it's the last football game of the NFL season!!