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can we just... look at her face 😭 not saying I'm a cat lady now but also not ruling it out
more pics of my cat!! jk (for now)
let there be rum buckets #cousinsweekbarcrawl
yeah Fourth of July is ok but the third of July is when we brought home this little love b... Show Moreug, strongly prefer it #norabean
glad ya like my face as much as the mosquito that attacked me between the eyes, and that y... Show Moreou still like my face after I allergically reacted to said mosquito (wish I made this up)
give the people what they want
Called my dad half asleep before he left to golf this morning and almost said "happy easte... Show Morer." Genius. Jeff Guy is the greatest thing to come out of New Jersey, and for that, we celebrate. Love you, dude!
best friend day, best friend day... this about does it #cometopittsburgh #thankyou
my peanut & partner in crime πŸ’•#craftsohard #lauraadvancestofrancis
booze before I Do's β€’ can't wait to watch this beaut walk down the aisle for the last ti... Show Moreme as a Benty!! πŸΎπŸ‘°πŸ½ (it's fine I'm not gonna cry it's all fine)
the apartment quest continues β€’ this one was inhabited by someone who dedicated an entir... Show Moree room to swords and Barbie sacrifices so here's Roman smiling through the pain #badjuju #thisisgettingweird
Mother's Day is swell and everything but we celebrate Trish all the time because there's n... Show Moreever a day that she isn't thinking of us, helping us grow, and going out of her way to make our lives a little easier. Everybody says they've got the best mom, but we aren't messing around. I would be lost without your kindness, love, and guidance and I hope you know how much you mean to all of us 365 days of the year.
every day I am enamored by your compassion and determination. I feel so fortunate to have ... Show Morea VIP pass to the adventure that is you and I swear the world got just a little bit brighter on this day 23 years ago. Can't wait to watch you change the world, keep spreading yo wings. πŸ’•
ok so what do I do now
cha girl has a BS in psychology and the greatest humans to celebrate it with πŸŽ“πŸΎ next up: MSW
we're old β€’ couldn't have made it through all the craziness without this crew (shoutout ... Show Moreto @mattlefever and @ceschauer for the photo skillz)
today is my last day of college and I wish I looked nearly as fly as I did when this all s... Show Moretarted seventeen years ago #fashion β€’ guys the new millennium was ~it~