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Ta dah!!! Corrugated metal with muriatic acid wash had been put up. Minus the garbage in font it looks fantastic!
Happy summer solstice! June 21 st & our 1st Summer harvest of #stewberryfarm garlic scapes, strawberries 🍓 kale, chard, rhubarb parsley, orégano, 🌿 basil #summerlandia #summeroflove2017
The Buttar men lending a helping hand out at the farm today
Peonies and wild flowers! Loving this last bit of Spring & looking forward to the summer veggies! #stewberryfarm #peonies
This is what happens when the power goes out in your hotel. @walkofftheearth put us up to it!!! We got that #fireinmysoul #64audio #64fam #walkofftheearth #heareverything #apex @sparklinghill
Hope you have a good laugh watching this one... this must have been around hour 5 or 6 in the car..
Wouldn't be a proper traveling Stewberries road trip without a little carpool karaoke
Delayed in Shaniko
American ghost 👻 town
Got held up in Shaniko
The extra 15 minutes off the 97 to Leavenworth was totally worth it!! Such a cute European yodel style mountain town
Such a warm welcome home, chicks and tall grass. #stewberryfarm #summerlandia
Over @kims_greenhouse & home girl hooked us up with some amazing starts! She has so much good stuff still for sale this weekend in Summerland, check her out
Happy Birthday to the coolest Ray in #Summerlandia We are stoked to have a friend like you & the Mrs Butthead in our lives! @bhaktiwellness
This man was born to farm... #stewberryfarm #borntofarm #overallbaby
Good morning Balindas
Stewberry- Cherry 🍒 blossoms