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Warning... These pictures contain baby goats and viewers may experience cuteness overload 🐐
Canadian palm trees or alien 👽 skunk cabbage?!
Apricot blossoms are the first to arrive at the party 🎉 #stewberryfarm #springishere🌸 #apricotblossom
All the Shadow people @wildebeestyvr @chefavianello
from Wildebeest
Nothing says I love you more than getting fat together by sharing a plate of our favorite fish n chips. Stewberry celebration of five years of love ❤️ #reneexochris #fiveyearsoflove
Farming really is about dedication,determination,blood,sweat 💦, tears & a little bit of luck from the weather gods but stepping back and seeing our progress is super rewarding. Looking forward to what the spring showers bring to @stewberryfarm
Poutine!!!! Yes American friends, it's basically just French fries 🍟 but with cheese curds and a gravy. Try it next time your in Canada 🇨🇦 !! #canadiancuisine #poutine #deliciousfood #summerlandia
Behind the scenes where the dudes play... #farters #dudes #manzone
Playing with muriatic acid and metal @Nielsenroofingbc
Good bye little bee. It's been a rough road but we finally made a call that it was her time. This mini Cadbury size egg was her last. RiP Belinda #5
It's been a long weekend but here is a before & after pick. We are done with the posts just waiting for the fencing wire to arrive. Our future little goats 🐐 will soon have a kick ass place to roam.
We have a sick chick who has been getting pecked out so we have isolated but now not sure what else we can do to help her, any suggestions?
Keeping things posted with @forevercreative430 #stewberryfarm
Happy Easter 🐰🐣🐇 from the Stenches (Stewart-French's)
Shhhh Belinda # 5 is sleeping #stewberrycoop
Fruit tree guru Sunny Buttar instructs and entertains. All trees are pruned, fertilized and ready for bumper crops!
It's a little muddy over here but we got crush! BIG thank you to @mfrench83
Its rainbow season 🌈☔️#summerlandia