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Shopping was fun today🤘🏻
@jaiden.doles @duhitsdolzie @kcdoles
You said you were going to love me forever..but you forgot to mention that forever had an expiration date😕
Mav we have been friends since you came to Wellsvile. I enjoy every day I get to talk to you. I am very happy to be your friend.😃
"I want you forever even when we're not together"
"Let me love you"
12-17-16👼🏼 Was the day a little boy became and angel❤️
Because this is the day we got Eve.😢 I would do anything to see her again.😭 I miss my puppy so much.😥 All I want for Christmas is to her again😰
When nothing goes right..Go left😚😍
"Don't you ever wish you could just start over"
Finals got me like........😒
❤️Love you Andy❤️
Because I found out it is #nationalhorseday and because I miss him
"Her smile was like armor & everyday she went to war.." -r.h Sin
🎁All I want for Christmas is you🎄
❤️Do more of what makes you happy❤️
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