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Happy Summer Solstice!! It sure was a hot one here in DFW but my @floretflower book arrived and I am soaking up the AC and diving into this gardening manifesto!! 🌼☀️🌺🌷🌻🌸💐 #summer #solstice #floret #floretflowerfarm #floretbook #garden
Cleaning up my studio and got distracted reading a few pages. What a gem #floretbook #floretflowerfarm
Summer is here! And with that, today brings buckets & buckets full of the brightest flowers you ever did see. It's wedding week for L+S & we are busy prepping & designing. Hope you enjoy all of the suns' minutes today on this longest day of the year! OH! P.S. It's National Wedding Day! You KNOW we love a good wedding... #floretbook #nationalweddingday
The beginning: I think it all started with sunflowers. The first year I was married I planted a tiny little raised bed full of sunflowers, butternut squash, and lettuce. Growing and harvesting those few vegetables and flowers really got me hooked on gardening. Being able to cut a fresh bouquet from our yard, arranging the flowers on the table, or giving away something I grew just delighted me. I started dreaming of having my own flower farm; to be able to bring fresh flowers inside or give away as gifts. Being the "dreamer" that I am, I started writing down all of my flower farm dreams. My husband and I thought it would be a really neat thing, but we didn't know where to start. The dream got put on hold, forgotten for awhile. I continued to grow herbs and vegetables and some flowers. About two years ago, I came across Floret Farm's IG account and I was so inspired. We feasted on the information and beautiful photos and thought, "Maybe we could really do this..." When I saw that Floret was publishing a book, I pre-ordered it and we took a small plunge, tilling up a very small garden, fencing it in, and laying down landscape fabric. I ordered seeds, bought lights to start them indoors, and started sowing. It has been awesome to be on this new venture, and I really want to give a big thanks to the Floret team for sharing all their knowlege. You have been a sort of mentor and a huge inspiration!
The next step in @benjaminwaldencreations can not wait!!! #freshflowers #welove #floristboutique #eventflorist #floretbook #floretflowerfarm
The next step in @benjaminwaldencreations can not wait!!! #freshflowers #welove #floristboutique #eventflorist #floretbook #floretflowerfarm
And we're off! I might have forgotten some clothes, but I am pretty sure I nailed all of the important stuff. The sunshine state is calling our names. @floretflower @magnolia @thepioneerwoman
Got my Cut Flower Garden book from @floretflower in the mail today and I'm so excited! 😍🌷🌻💐 I'm pretty sure I was meant to be a flower farmer in this life and also side hustle as a professional cupcake taster. #lifegoals #floretbook
Such a beautiful book! I can't believe that is magical place was only 30 min away from us when we were living in Everett. Now to plan what we want to plant for next spring! #floretbook #imisswashingtonstate #gardening
We 💖 this gorgeous new gardening book from @floretflower! We have the behind-the-flower-farm story with the author on our website! Link in bio! 💐 #floretbook #birdsandblooms
Blij ei🐣. Cheers🥂. X
We were at @barnesandnoble yesterday and I spotted a whole stack of the #floretbook, right there in the gardening section. I haven't been out much this spring, so it's one of the first times I've seen it in a real bookstore. Such a surreal moment! #growfloret #farmerflorist #flowerfarmer
Gardening is seriously fun 😍 #itsmodestbutigrewit #cutflowerpatch #floretbook
My hope is that "Cut Flower Garden" will inspire you to till up a little plot of ground, get your hands in the dirt, and experience the magic of nature for yourself. Photo by @floretflower #SOdomino #growfloret #floretseeds #floretbook
While I love growing and sharing the abundance that our farm produces, my favorite thing is putting on flower variety trials. Each year we grow hundreds of new and unusual varieties looking for ones that meet our strict criteria, including high production, long stems, unusual coloring, fragrance, and overall plant health. Pictured here is Dahlia ‘Café au Lait.’ Photo by @michelemwaite_photo for @floretflower #SOdomino #growfloret #floretseeds #floretbook
While our farm is tiny, just 2 small acres, we produce an enormous amount of flowers each season. One of our biggest and most loved flower crops is dahlias and we’ve trialed over 500 varieties over the years. We plant the field in rainbow order and this past year had over 7,000 plants growing! Photo by @floretflower #SOdomino #growfloret #floretseeds #floretbook
Hello, I'm Erin Benzakein (@floretflower!) and I run a small 2 acre flower farm and seed company in Washington’s Skagit Valley with the help of my family and the amazing ladies of #teamfloret. My first book, Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden, was released in March. It's full of everything I've learned along this flower filled journey, including a decade’s worth of hard-won lessons from the garden. I didn't start out with a green thumb, so if I can learn to grow flowers, then anybody can! I'm so excited to be taking over Domino’s Instagram feed today to share a peek into my flower-filled world. Photo by @floretflower #SOdomino #growfloret #floretseeds #floretbook