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If it's the bottom I'm rooted in You take me by the hand and ball my feet You say youll never get rid of me
I've never felt that lost before I just don't feel incredible
I like talking to you You always have something positive to say and I admire that about you. Please stay the kind soul you are♡
I made this for my mama. She deserves it♡
Trying to write a little
I love you guys♡
Little brother♡
Nightly routines help me love myself a little more. Taking care of yourself feels good. If you're having a rough day go wash your face and hydrate yourself. A little bit of water can go a long way. We all deserve to feel good♡ #takecontrol #selflove
I miss going to this spot to watch the sunset
Bby kona♡
I'm so thankful for you. I'm so thankful you extended your visit. I don't want you to go back to cali but I do because you deserve all the sunshine. I love you, rosebud♡
I'm feeling okay today
He was a skater boy. I said see ya later, boy.
This is my buddy, jax. He's a good boy