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28 day progress "selfie" officially finished with my first round of @personaltrainerfood and not stopping here!! Here's to my next 28 day round!
Now that is a couple of happy birthday girls!
Om nom nom!!
Me as a parent!
Yep, I just realized I'm wearing the same shirt as last night lol nope, not even slightly ashamed!
Especially loving my #personaltrainerfood today! I am dog sitting tonight and instead of stressing about eating something unhealthy or having to cook in someone else's house or something. I just threw all of my food for the night and morning into my lunch bag and I'm good to go!!!
Day 21!!!
Guess what you guys?! It's day 21!!!!! According to this, my new way of life has become a habit! I definitely agree, I grab the right food when I'm supposed to and don't even really have to think about it. I am feeling stronger, mentally and physically every day. My range of motion has gotten better, my frame of mind has gotten much better! I'm not tired all of the time anymore, I actually want to get out of the house and do things EVEN in the cold ugly winter! Yes, I have slipped up once, and have still had my moments in all of these other areas but having "moments" and then getting past them is SO much better than that "moment" turning into months and months of wallowing in self-pity and drugging myself with all of the terrible food in an effort to feel better! I am SUPER excited to see what this post looks like in 90 days!!
When you want dessert but refuse to go off plan, sautéed apples in my PTF cinnamon butter sauce and Caramel Apple Dream herbal tea! Oh yeah and catching up on The Walking Dead 😍
This is pretty much my least favorite day of the whole year! Ready to get it over with and get to the gym for some therapy!
First 2 week results! Down 8.8 pounds and 5.15 inches!!!
No traditional video tonight, you guys have seen my struggle as the day has progressed and tonight is dedicated to my sweet niece and nephew! However, in the spirit of doing ABSOLUTELY everything outside of my comfort zone here is an embarrassing as hell video that my crazy niece snuck of me singing while we were in the car today. You guys can thank her, or possibly yell at her for hurting your ears! Lol have a great Saturday night!!
Day 1 then day 15. First progress picture. It's the incredible shrinking double chin!! lol. Feeling good, definitely still have hard times but seeing this is making me want to keep going!!
1st week results! I only worked out one day so this was all food!! Can't wait to see this weeks results!!
Week 1 results! Overall loss of .75 inches. I gained in some places but lost pretty significantly in others! I'm happy! 😁