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Easter 2017, missing Ethan and Isaiah but altogether a pretty good day with my loves!
75 days in!!! Join me for @rippedfans at @lacjtown tonight to celebrate!
You guys! Today marks 2 WHOLE MONTHS of doing this!! I have definitely not been 100% on plan the whole time but I am STILL going! Typically I start to lose momentum about this time and slowly fall back into my old ways, not gonna happen this time! I am feeling GREAT today and can't wait to keep going and see where this takes me! Seriously, all you have to do is start! You don't have to be 100%, we are all human and we will make mistakes, but just choosing to start will take you to places you've never even dreamed of!
To most of you guys, this picture might not look like much, but to me, this was HUGE. I haven't been able to sit in my work chair with one foot under the other leg in almost a year! Yes, I know it's not the best position to sit in and I didn't stay like this for very long but the fact that I could do it comfortably, my knee didn't hurt, nothing, is kind of a gigantic victory for me! Next goal, crossing my legs!!!
One of my favorites! Cheeseburger stick and squash!
Got down to the lake this weekend for a good old fashioned workout! Don't let the picture fool you, with all the rain we've had those leaves were WET, And taking them was not easy! My entire core felt it the next, front back and sides but I loved it! Plus it gave me a little bit of bonding time with my dad which is always worth it! My hat is off to anyone who works in, or has ever worked in landscaping, that stiff is not easy!
Not only is @personaltrainerfood AMAZING, healthy and easy!!! The box encourages kids to get away from the electronics and use their imaginations! 😍😍
Day 1, day 28, and then today, day 50. I'm going to try to do my progress selfies without makeup so they can be true to the progress. Defiantly not where I wanted to be by day 50, and you can definitely see my little week long slip up in my selfie from today. BUT, day one definitely does not look like day 50 and that is something to be proud of and keep pushing for. Cheers to day 50!
Quick update
Came home to a little surprise in the mail the other day. Let me just make this clear, this company does not compensate me in any way for promoting their products. I just REALLY believe in what they are doing. They have already helped me move mountains and I am just getting started. They have noticed my posts (which makes me SUPER happy and even more motivated to succeed) and sent me this little care package complete with a HAND written note. Not only does this company offer an amazing product, they have awesome customer service!! Thank you SO much @personaltrainerfood
So I had the bright idea to read this, while I was watching a comedy.thinking maybe I wouldn't completely lose my shit, wrong! Now I'm laughing through my tears. My co-workers got this for me and they all wrote something in it. I can never say thank you enough, you guys are amazing and I am BEYOND blessed to get to work with you all everyday. I love you all!!!
Food for thought. I first saw this picture years ago and didn't pay much nevermind to it. I saw it again the other day and was blown away, I have already lost 3 TIMES this! When it's put in terms of pounds, it doesn't seem that significant but when it's put like this, it's kind of huge!!!! Don't ever rely on the scale alone, there are SO many other ways to succeed and keep yourself motivated!
In lieu of a video today/night, I am sharing these photos. 1 year ago today I obtained my first fitness instructor certification. As you can see in the text message screen shot, the plan was to have me teaching by the end of the year. I don't think it comes as any big surprise to anyone that I am definitely not teaching, nor am I anywhere close to being able to teach. I was sad when I first saw these photos pop up today. If I had stuck with it from this point forward, I can't even imagine where I would be right now. While I can't pinpoint the exact time or reason why I fell off the wagon, I did. Big time. A year from now, I will NOT be making another "what if" post. A year from now, I will be posting a "then and now" picture and proudly proclaiming all of the things that I have accomplished! This is not a post to beat myself up, this is a post to remind me what I can achieve if I keep at it. Stop giving up. Stop starting over. Eventually, there will not be another chance, this is it.
Cracked my phone screen while trying to get ready to take my sweet girl to the rainbow bridge yesterday, thought it had to be the worse day in all of history, then I went to leave again last night to go pet sit and was greeted by this. God was telling me that she's ok, and that I'm going to be ok. I even smiled for the first time that day. Never lose faith!
I thought laying Mamaw to rest would be the hardest day of my life, today was harder. My sweet girl, my Fathead, my Stinky, my Lovey, my heart and soul, my SpitFire crossed the rainbow bridge this morning. We drove around with the windows down (her favorite), she got an ice cream and a egg and sausage biscuit (it was too early, they wouldn't make me a cheeseburger) and she went peacefully with her head in my hands. My heart is broken but thinking about all of the AMAZING things she is doing right now, makes my heart happy. Thank you to EVERYONE who loved her as much as I did, thank you everyone who supported us and helped us to keep her here this long. The vet said that we did everything we could and that this was the right choice. πŸ˜žπŸΆπŸŒˆπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”