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Miss this gorgeous free spirited young woman. Have a fabulous birthday this weekend girl
#silverycloudd #silverlings?
Cooler this morning
Lazy Sunday afternoon
Someone is super happy with his very long stemmed rose. He wants to know is there any out there bigger
This morning's double header. Good morning everyone
Guitarist on fire!
Just hanging around - not sure if this little one is still alive. It was hanging there yesterday
Happy 30th birthday today Rebecca. I don't think you will be having a McDonald's party for this special birthday
I may not live in paradise and I just live day to day BUT I do enjoy watching little things like this. They have not a care in the world. I want to come back as a lorikeet
#frangipenni or #roses? I'll be surprised who'll be bothered to actually check my post 😘😭😂😛
Bringing life to a fallen frangipenni
And if you look real close a bee working it's magic
Australian native flowers xxx #onmymerrywalk
#salvationarmy #workxmasdonations Thank you to some great work mates for your donations. These little beauties are being picked up tomorrow
Off to dinner with my girls
Lest we forget. Also marks an anniversary of my father in law Kevin's passing away