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I'll be playing a set with my air guitar at the Beast tomorrow, Friday with @detresnombreux come along and see us singgggg we start at 8 BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. ⬛️▫️▪️◻️◾️⬜️◼️◻️
from The Beast
Transcribing some Hiatus Kaiyote today. Here's abit of Fingerprints :') Genius level 1000000000000000xinfinity this band. #hiatuskaiyote @hiatuskaiyote #cover #transcribing #vocals #music #keys #keyboard #song #tishard #buticanDOTHIS #myhashtagsARECRINGE #butwhatever #hopeyoulikeit
In your fayce nikoteen
We found Easter eggs and ate em too bad none left for you folks at home
Friyay errbady 👐 tryna be healthy and shit on Easter actually no I just couldn't go back 2 sleep @benjaminmah enough peanut butter not Overnight oats soaked in unsweetened soy milk w Blackberries, Tangerine Oranges and Grapes plus natural peanut butter, Chia seeds, puffed spelt and buckwheat if y'all wondering what this yummy goodness is #nofiltah #friyay #peanutbutter #overnightoats #protein #cleaneats #mm #food #breakfast #natural #ihope #vegan #forthemorning #startingmydayright #forONCE @your_valpal BE PROUD PLS
What good is life if you don't have anyone to spend it with Side note missing you @bobbb.i
Skyped each other on the day we both wore green 💚 Guess we really are fated to be Husband and Wife HAHAHAHA 😜 Feeling so blessed rn for having @nirmalbhaigrey in my boring life 🙃stay safe, #nosushiforthemboys PLUS we did your Chin thang at the end when we said bye @your_valpal 🙃 #gonnarapeyouval #whennirmalcomesback
Been awhile since I've covered stuff, so here's Shape of you. tiao 🎹 hurhurhur added some original lyrics behind too huehue #shapeofyou #edsheeran #cover #keys #keyboard #music #rnb #whew #compingcomping #chompingchomping
When the high only hits you after you've left the club 12 shots and 3 whiskies yes I'm weak 📹: @manprittyyyy my shenanigan in crime
Thanks for bringing me around cuzzie. Wouldn't have made it halfway around town without you and your street smartness❤ Here's to more trips and more CARBS AND CHILLI in the future 👅
Win sum lose sum dim sum tsum tsum
Having a ball of a time hurhurhur literally
BORE-d 👅
This molten lava rectangle literally stunned my vocabulary for half an hour and the only thing I could say was 'omg it's so good' everytime I took a bite. #sorryibimbo Melaka you guddddddddddd 👌🏻
Being healthy and shit excuse the peanut butter #oats #whatswiththeovernightoatstrend #healthy #maybenot #peanutbutter
Gotta give it to these guys here: @marcusjim for always rogue surprising me at my gigs and bringing @wanling.jpg along this time you guys make me smile like no tomorrow man ❤ And to @fymsummer for always supporting me despite her busy schedule and also sharing with me her thoughts and experiences, it's always a fun and enriching time with ya babeh 💕 And last but not least my beautiful ij people @maegzter @manprittyyyy @your_valpal feat. a wild @nirmalbhaigrey who tried to calm my nerves down with a close up of her beautimous face 👌🏻 Thank you so much for trying to clap to my songs hahaha and listening intently ❤️ And for all my friends who have supported me at previous gigs too, you know who you are. (Tried to squeeze you all into this collage @audreyvodk Sorry honey boo they only allowed 9 photos UGH but know you're always no.1 to me HAHAHAHAH @eueuhehe youll always be my no.1 fan too hahaha ) This post goes out to all of ya, without you guys I wouldn't have an audience to perform to and write songs for. ❤️💛💚💙💜 #friendappreciationday #myhomies