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Mood with my block kitty Moo
Feels like we only go backwards.
Saying bye to my hopes of being a vegan #MEAT #ohyousexyribeye
from The Beast
Performing tonight at the Beast from 8pm-11pm ft. @trumblest , here's a photo of me acting like one Come down and git wild #livemusicfridays #tgif
Miss you Taiwan. @wanling.jpg please abduct me
im not sorry #dean #nomakeup #youdontneedit
Stay happz Done with black perm marker More on my art page @hairsprayedink #cartoon #robot #mycutie #isthis #whatyoucall #art #maybe #maybenot #justdoodlin
To the sweetheart who taught me how to face life with a smile @audreyvodk you truly are one in a gazilllion unicorn galaxies not just a million awww cheesy post deal with it HAHAHAHA thank you for the birthday pressie honeyboo ❤️🍯
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Asian flush x Asian eyes life is good #lastnight
from The Beast
Loving is easy pt. 2 I'm not right for you, and it hurts to know you Oh but you've got nothing to lose But I can't ignore you It's you I regret The heart's where it hurts and it hurts to forget I can't erase you, it's just too much pain And I'm worn out and shaking while you're walking away Cause loving is easy #music #cheesytagsagain #song #original #songwriting #keys #keyboard #housekeys #piano #rnb #chillchill #likechilli #likethesambalonyourplate
Loving is easy pt. 1 Decided to do some post tour jamming and get back to the grind on some originals whoot Held on too tight Why'd you have to say it, why'd you have to hate it For you I'd do anything Why'd you have to break me, why'd you have to leave me this way I'm not good with words, even worse with love No one ever told me what it was #music #original #shittyhashtags #musician #moosic #socheesy #whatever #partone #song #piano #keyboard
End of the tour and here's a candid of us doing what we always do. HAHA good show everybady thank you @thekevinmichaelproject for letting me be a part of this amazing experience with all you talented people ❤️ OK Time to sleep peace out
from BluJazz
Doors open at 8pm tonight and tickets at the door are $18 at Blu Jaz Cafe!(: Come see us for our last show ;) There's enough comedy and music for all to go around 😜 #thekevinmichaelproject #anadigisoundlab #band #tour #lastshow #blujaz #music #moosic #hashtaghashbrown
from BluJazz
Watch me up my acting skills tomorrow as I reluctantly meet @kevinmikev up for a blind date in this duet called Take it Slow 👻 We're back in Singapore, Malaysia you've been good to us, so good. ❤️Met so many new people who're so passionate and fun to be with 🙃 Tickets are available at the door tomorrow at Blu Jaz Cafe, 8pm and we'll have awesome acts opening for us such as @shakshantig , @mariancarmelmusic and @jakachuuu so see ya there tomorrow for the last day of the tour! 😉 #thekevinmichaelproject #anadigisoundlab #tour #music #tourlife #original #spamminghashtags #song
Ninja warrior we kick you to your Mother hartamas and back be very afraid #dontmessmess #dontplayplay
You've been good, Penang. ❤️ Tour life ends tomorrow at the Blu Jaz Cafe with @thekevinmichaelproject , be sure to get your tickets at Ticketbox 😉
Million dollar celery la you guys And that wraps up our second show of the tour guys! Be sure to see us at Singapore at Blu Jaz Cafe on the 10th of Jan! Be there or SQUARE. circlehexagonpentagondiamondhahahahaha Thanks for coming everyone! (: Ps nice ass @rafiekin_soundwalker
The Kevin Michael Project goes on at 9:30pm at The Black Kettle tonight in Penang!(: Here's @jakachuuu starting off the show with some jokezxcszxcszxcx so come there's free food and drinks and FRESH MILK 🐄 ok gotta get me priorities straight, come here for jokes, music and laughter all around WHOO #thekevinmichaelproject #anadigisoundlab #moosic #music #theblackkettle