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Guess this picture sums up our friendship @farhan_takuya_yumiko 👻 Visit you and Elson again soon ❤ 📸: Elson Teo 🙃
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"This has got to be the shadiest Mac's ever. Their mayo isn't really mayo it's something else." - Rachel @ the Mcnightclub #everybodyneedsarachel
Spirit animal : hobo Est.1995 Tagging my hobo caretakers this one's for you ❤ @sharbeanie @cassallicia @audreyvodk @bobbb.i @your_valpal @nirmalbhaigrey @detresnombreux P.S. Don't worry it's apple cider #rekt #dontworryimnotwastingmylifeaway #orami #uhoh
'Cause I just wanna sing like Sinatra with ethanol on my soundtrack #rock+roll #eden
Guess who came tumbling through my door with salted egg pork chops and a backpack full of crazy antics to wake me up - That's right! My very own ValPal! She will brighten up your day and you won't need the sun when she's around(cheesy but true) and she will make you laugh like no tomorrow when she thinks your fan is actually an aircon and believes you for it 😜 She's sweet, loving and always a caring darling who's ready to lend you both of her ears anytime. Custom order yours today at and shipping is free worldwide! While stocks last! Get your ValPal now! Free hugs included for the first 50 orders! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH love you @your_valpal you make my day ❤️
A mind is a terrible thing to lose.
A news reporter from TODAY newspaper interviewed me yesterday about this magical phenomenon that took place in my block on the 20th floor while I was waiting for my Grab at the void deck. So being the hobo hippie I was I decided to go check it out at 1am when everyone else is sleeping so I can have the whole staircase to myself and wrote her a note to encourage her in whatever she was doing. Hope she sees it and continues her passion. And I hope her art will stay and be the kickstarter of many prospective public art installations in the future. (: The uncles better be happy they have something grand and atas to sit their butts on when they read the newspaper. If you wanna see this by all means come to 103 Jalan Rajah the block facing the famous Wheeler's Yard. HAHAHAHA #sapporklocal #itsreallycool @stickmaneugene
💋 never knew lips had wrinkles Watch this space @hairsprayedink for more art 👅 #💋 #wip #graphite #sketch #pencildrawing #monochrome
Blessed birthday my little Helena. You're all grown up but you'll still be my Thangatchi ❤️ Stay beautiful and full of hope, and may God bless you and your wonderful family always. 🙏🏻
Songs are best written on your mother's bed with her flowery warm quilt when she's not at home. 🌸 This song's called Where Did I Go Wrong Babe let's take it slow I am yours to keep Please don't tell me no You've taken all of me Don't you every worry Time is all we need Hold you when I'm hurting And I'll love you when I bleed All that I wanted was to be with you But time it breaks us and splits us in two I've dried up your waters and you've haunted my life So tell me just tell me Where did I go wrong #original #singing #lala #po #tinkiewinkie #bedroom #sessions #vocal #guitar #twangtwang
Happy birthday to you. 🎂 Thanks for being there frannnn I'm glad you're happy and doing well x on a side note the spoon is ready to rape my nose anytime now #throwback #aussieaussieaussie #heym8 #20liao
Wanna eat my chicken wing @audreyvodk 🐥 #backtothegrind #timetogetmyfatassoffthebedagain #seeingallthefitpeopleonmyfeed #fitspiration
Need me a paintbrush holder. Make that ten pl0x 😍 These pen rests are handxmade(see WHAT I did there hurhurhur) by my amazingly talented Friend @handxmade PLEASE CHECK HER IG OUT FOR MORE HANDMADE ART AND SAPPORK HER YOU WONT REGRET IT 😜 #handmade #penholder #art #crafts #original #supportlocal #YEAHXINMAN #handxmade
um hello Introducing hair of the day #hotd
Cooking 🎹 ft. @jasongelchen on vocals #hashtagmusic #hashtagpiano #hashtagkeys #keyshiacole #groovin
Thanks @jeremytansg 🙏🏻 Rip my Friend. 🐰
Happy birthday you sexy baloney I thank god for blessing me with a fellow pig to pig out with
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Mi familia est. 2007 Missing @deerfwwell @manprittyyyy #homies4lyfe #ijfriendsarefriendsforlife