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Built To Shred - "Shred Ranch RIP" Jeff King cut a hole in his roof to make way for Rad Santa (2011)
Taking direction from @rileyhawk in 1996. "Hey dad, the tattoo shop is that way"
Jay Leno scoping out a double set in 2003
My run from @bowl_a_rama masters finals on Sunday. Thanks to my family for flying halfway across the world in support of my steadfast refusal to get a real job.
A better view of yesterday's @bowl_a_rama highlight: @buckylasek impossible tail grab to fakie around the corner; when the difficulty factor goes to 11. 🎥: @rhino
Thank you @general_pants & @bowl_a_rama for the opportunity to experience beautiful NSW with my family, and thanks to everyone that watched #generalpantsbowlarama #bowlaramabondi yesterday. #ilovesydney 📷: @stevenperelman
I missed the best trick event at #bowlarama but here are two highlights poached from the tv crew: @zionofriel - iceplant to fakie on the scaffolding and @buckylasek - corner impossible tail grab fakie for the win. Controlled chaos. Check my Facebook page for live video of the finals coming up soon
Dodging sandworms yesterday in Port Stephens 📷: @rielywalker via @boardworld
Great day of getting sandblasted (and quads) with the fam at Port Stephens, warming up (literally) for General Pants Bowlarama this weekend. #newsouthwales @visitnsw @bowl_a_rama #generalpantsbowlarama #bowlaramabondi 🎶: Pat Boone - "Enter Sandman"
Sydney via heli is hella sick. 📷: @catherine_o
Thanks @tarongazoo for the up-close view of cute critters yesterday. 🐨🐒
Planes, trains and stale fish; straight from the airport to Bondi @bowl_a_rama practice (via @boardworld) 📷: @rielywalker
Throw some shrimps on the barbie. Bondi @bowl_a_rama or bust
Thank you to my 🖤 @catherine_o for this beautiful Valentine video of our wonderfully strange kindred. UPDATE: deck won by @busterhunt 🎶: Majical Cloudz - "Downtown"
Getting ready for General Pants @bowl_a_rama in Bondi this weekend, trying to remember how to skate pools again. Come see us slash tiles and bonk coping: #generapantsbowlarama #bowlaramabondi #ilovesydney 🎥: @staabpirate1
Judging the "Coolympics" with @snoopdogg on Cleveland Show (2011), but the coolest part was the introduction by David Lynch. Also: I skate switch while animated.
I might have accidentally shot a @petyrfiles album cover just now. Go see them live if possible; you won't regret it
from Monty Bar
Old-school hipsters in action: @staabpirate1 @mikemcgill & me (aka Easy T)